Technical Operation, Smart Farm

Jala is looking for Technical Operationfor the Smart Farm business unit.

Objectives of Technical Operation

  • Assist and doing Jala standard operational procedure (SOP) for shrimp cultivation management
  • Technical assistance for the shrimp farm under Jala Smart Farm program
  • Collect cultivation data on Jala Smart Farm
  • Utilizing digital technology for the shrimp cultivation process
  • Implement the technical operation and service excellence in shrimp cultivation
  • Responsible for digital farm management system assistance, deployment, and data collecting

Note: other responsibilities that are not stated here can also be discussed upon joining the company.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Have Aquaculture or Shrimp industry basic knowledge and understanding
  • Min. Bachelor’s degree in any aquaculture or equivalent experience
  • Willing to Learning and understanding of shrimp cultivation process
  • Good familiarity with digital technology
  • Eager learner
  • Fresh graduates are welcome
  • Has motorcycle and “C” driving license

Preferred Qualifications

  • Proficient in Excel/Spreadsheet (Pivot Table), Slide/PowerPoint, Google Docs, Jala apps, CRM Software, Google Data Studio (read-only)
  • Customer-focused and target driven
  • Willing to place and stay in any location across Indonesia

Recruitment Stages

In general, there are two stages of Technical Operation recruitment:

  1. Resume and portfolio screening
  2. On-site or call interview (we do recruitment in virtual since 2020)

Resume and portfolio screening

You will be asked to share your resume along with background information from academics and professional career experiences. Jala is looking for the culture-fit and technical skills to fit into the role that you apply from your past experiences. This process can take up to 7 working days.

On-site/call interview

If you pass the first stage, you will be asked to book a schedule for an interview with the Jala team consisting of the VP Shrimp Trading, Shrimp Trading Manager, and the head of HR. There are several topics that will be discussed in the interview, starting with the behavioral round and mock product interviews.

Behavioral round

In this topic, Jala looking for the value and cultural fit from your past experience with the engineering team and Jala as the company. Including your motivation to apply for a role at Jala tech. We recommend you to read more about our company stories on dan

About Jala Tech

Jala offers a one-stop digital solution for shrimp farmers, leveraging their farming practices to ensure profitability and sustainability. We combine IoT water monitoring and data analytics system to achieve precision farming. Jala was founded by shrimp farmers that believe technologies will scale up shrimp production in a sustainable way. The complexity of the causes of failure in farming shrimp can be minimized by technology that helps farmers in taking preventive steps about the existing problems.


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