“Empowering shrimp farmers to increase their yield and minimize the risk of farming through technology and smart data.”

Shrimp farming, we know it's not easy

Shrimp disease has been an issue for many years, leading to uncertainty in shrimp production. Even though shrimps are a very lucrative product, it has a high risk of failure if the farm is not being taken care of appropriately.

Founded by a shrimp farmer

Aryo Wiryawan is a shrimp farmer since 2001. Driven by the fact that it was difficult for him to manage his shrimp farm remotely, he came up with the idea of having an IoT system to monitor his farm, especially water quality, as it will lead to how treatment should be done to prevent disease outbreak.

The Team

In 2015, Aryo gathered a team of engineers to create a water quality monitoring product. After 2 years of development, in 2017, the team created an entity named Jala.
Aryo Wiryawan

Chairman & Co-founder

Liris Maduningtyas


Syauqy Nurul Aziz

Product Manager & Co-founder

Farid Inawan

Software Engineer & Co-Founder

Hanry Ario

Electronics Engineer & Co-founder

Adhya Pranata Sakti

Software Engineer

Zandy Yudha Perwira

Firmware Engineer

Ahmad Taka

Head of AI

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