Boost your shrimp harvest with

JALA empowers shrimp farmers to increase their yields through technology and smart data. JALA monitors water quality on shrimp ponds and this data can be accessed online real-time. The risk of harvest failure is minimized this way. Reliable analysis on water parameters are also provided in our web-app to help farmers effectively manage and treat their ponds in time.

JALA stands out from others

Integrating the device with our powerful online management system, JALA makes farming much more efficient as data is carefully organized, easily accessible and accurate.
Decision Support System

With proper research conducted, we have realible advice to deal with water changes and prevent failure.

Predictive Analytics

Bringing you aquaculture insight across the whole shrimp industry as data is collated and reviewed as a whole

Access to Funding

We provide data transparency and traceability reports of farms to investors, boosting mutual trust and support

One device for all your ponds
Data sent in one button click
Requires electrical installation
Data sent automatically

One device for all your ponds

Requires electrical installation

Data sent in one button click

Data sent automatically

Gain Control Over Your Farm

No more manual recording of overwhelming data





Comprehensive Management System

Data-driven farming is the way forward to a better harvest.

Real-time Monitoring

Research-backed recommendations

Easy financial planning

Quick creation of reports

Fully customizable

Data security

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