Transforming Data Into Actionable Insight

JALA helps farmer understand better with IoT water quality monitoring and digital data-analytics.

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Jala Mobile App

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Jala Web App

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Jala Device

How it Works

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Step 1

Submerge the probe of your Jala water quality device into the pond.

Kirim data kualitas air menggunakan aplikasi Jala

Step 2​

Send the water quality data by pressing the send button on Jala device.

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Step 3

Record and monitor your water quality and cultivation data on your gadget.

Digital Farm Management

Record your pond and cultivation data like water quality condition, daily feed consumption, shrimp sample, harvest, and so on. Get the analysis and insights of your cultivation, as well as farming predictions like daily growth and the best time to harvest.

Updated Information

Get updated information about shrimp farming like shrimp disease information, tips and tricks to manage your farm, a solution for your cultivation problems, and also shrimp prices from different sources in Indonesia.

Financial Report System

Record your cultivation expenses and incomes such as feed consumption, seeds, electricity, probiotics, and so on. Monitor your financial health and create a final report as the evaluation material.

Farming on Mobile

Record, monitor, and manage your shrimp farm on the go.

Aplikasi mobile android Jala bisa didownload dari Google Play

Enhance Your Farming Practice

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