Electronics Engineer

Jala is looking for electronics with expertise in building and deploys IoT device with a focus on electronics components like sensors, amplifiers, mainboard/PCB design, and communication using RF/GSM/GRPS module to help shrimp farmers collects the data and information of their water quality.

Roles and Responsibility:

  • Designing the JALA IoT devices, incl. mainboard, communication system, power management that reliable enough to work in a harsh environment.
  • Responsible for with the electronics components management and the production of JALA device also its collaboration and communication with the external vendor.
  • Help JALA to run the in-house production.
  • Designing and produce in-house mechanical components of JALA device like enclosure/casing or electronics jig from the design, prototyping, and production.
  • Design and produce the prototype of JALA device for the validation and test.
  • Responsible to make the technical documentation for the electronics components like PCB design (schematic, board layout, Gerber file for production, analysis/design review and its result, assembly procedure/manual.
  • Working with the engineering team to create the design for manufacturability (DFM)


  • Experienced in hardware/embedded programming like C/C++
  • Experienced in using electronics test tools and components
  • Having experience in design analog circuit, digital circuit, and mixed signal.
  • Having experience in microcontroller (ARM, Cortex, Atmel)
  • Having experience working in electronics/hardware projects.
  • Having experience in PCB design using EagleCAD.
  • Having experience in implementation of serial communication protocols like (SPI, I2C, Ethernet, RS232, Modbus, and so on).

Data Scientist (Model, Algorithm)

Jala is looking for data scientists with expertise in building and deploys predictive models and algorithms in order to help us grow, predict the shrimp disease, analysis the water quality and farm operational condition, deliver products that help farmers manage their shrimp farms, increase their productivity, and create a sustainable farm.

Roles and Responsibility:

  • Using the data presentation, quantitative and qualitative analysis to see through data and numbers also to understand deeply of Jala product and business process.
  • Giving insights to support product and business team understand with Jala usage and the long-term trends that will happen within the industry.
  • Develop end-to-end deep learning model and fine-tune data on the water quality and shrimp cultivation data.
  • Designing and implements the data pipelines, ETL process and analytics tools.
  • Designing AI/machine learning algorithms that able to model, predict, and identify any kind of data and information on the shrimp farming industry.
  • Develop and find an efficient data storage method and data visualization.


  • Familiarity with data mining and data modelling
  • Able to collect and process data from any resource using SQL, R/Phyton or other scripting and statistics tools.
  • Having experience in data analytics.
  • Having experience in AWS technology is a plus.
  • Having experience in using machine learning frameworks.
  • Having experience in statistical analysis (ex: hypothetical test, experimentations, regression) and familiar with statistics tools (Matlab, R, SAS, or Python).

Software Engineer (Full-Stack)

Jala is looking for Full-Stack Developer (Web App) with experience in building and deploys the web application using PHP Laravel and Vue.js that help farmers manage their shrimp farms, increase their productivity, and create a sustainable farm.

You can visit our current web app in https://app.jala.tech

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Develop the new features and optimizing Jala web app.
  • Create and document the Jala API Endpoint.
  • Maintenance and optimizing Jala website.
  • Being a DevOps for the new website and web app update.

Technical capabilities and skills:

  • Having experience in web app development using PHP, Laravel, and Vue.js.
  • Having a knowledge using the package manager (NPM) is a plus.
  • Create an API using Laravel.
  • Understand with object-oriented PHP.
  • Having experience with AWS technology is a plus.
  • Understand the RESTful concepts.
  • Experienced with version control like Git.

Mobile App Developer (React Native)

Jala is looking for React Native Developer with experience in building and delivers a high-quality and reliable mobile application in Android platform using React Native that help farmers manage their shrimp farms, increase their productivity, and create a sustainable farm.

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Develop a mobile application that runs in Android platform using React Native.
  • Integrate the application development with Jala back-end.
  • Working together with engineering and design team on the app development.
  • Do the user testing to the shrimp farmer in the field.

Technical capabilities and skills:

  • Have an experience in mobile application development using React Native.
  • Able to write clean and neat code and understandable for other team members.
  • Understand with REST API concepts.
  • Experienced with Javascript (ES5/ES6).
  • Having knowledge of Redux.
  • Experienced in using Git for the version control.
  • Having experienced in the development of the offline-first application is a big plus.

Product Designer

Jala is looking for UI/UX Designer with expertise in building, develop, and craft simple, delightful product experiences that help farmers manage their shrimp farms, increase their productivity and create a sustainable farm.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Working in all UI/UX cycles, from the user research to user journey, wireframes, prototype test and so on.
  • Create a pixel-perfect mockups and design specs
  • Working with on some Jala product in different platforms (web app and mobile app).
  • Working with product and engineering team to design and develop Jala product.
  • Contributing to the company culture development that’s inspiring and fun.
  • Develop the UX concepts of Jala like user needs, task analysis, user personas, storyboard, use case scenarios and user flow.
  • Meet and talk with shrimp farmers to identify the primary problem in shrimp farming and what’s needed and then translate it into product or features that associated with Jala.

Technical Capabilities and skills

  • Having experience on UX prototype development (concept, wireframe using different tools like Adobe XD, Balsamiq, Sketch, or Figma).
  • Creative thinking.
  • Having UI and UX portfolios is a must.
  • Having experience with HTML/CSS/JS is a plus.
  • Having experience on the development of documented high fidelity UX design using Adobe product or Sketch for responsive design web app and Android mobile app.
  • Having knowledge in motion design like Lottie.
  • Having an interest in agriculture and aquaculture field is a plus.