Data Scientist (Model, Algorithm)

Jala is looking for data scientists with expertise in building and deploys predictive models and algorithms in order to help us grow, predict the shrimp disease, analysis the water quality and farm operational condition, deliver products that help farmers manage their shrimp farms, increase their productivity, and create a sustainable farm.

Tugas dan tanggung jawab

  • Using the data presentation, quantitative and qualitative analysis to see through data and numbers also to understand deeply of Jala product and business process.
  • Giving insights to support product and business team understand with Jala usage and the long-term trends that will happen within the industry.
  • Develop end-to-end deep learning model and fine-tune data on the water quality and shrimp cultivation data.
  • Designing and implements the data pipelines, ETL process and analytics tools.
  • Designing AI/machine learning algorithms that able to model, predict, and identify any kind of data and information on the shrimp farming industry.
  • Develop and find an efficient data storage method and data visualization.

Kemampuan dan keterampilan teknis

  • Familiarity with data mining and data modelling
  • Able to collect and process data from any resource using SQL, R/Phyton or other scripting and statistics tools.
  • Having experience in data analytics.
  • Having experience in AWS technology is a plus.
  • Having experience in using machine learning frameworks.
  • Having experience in statistical analysis (ex: hypothetical test, experimentations, regression) and familiar with statistics tools (Matlab, R, SAS, or Python).


Python, R, SQL