Manage Your Farm More Freely and Effectively

Find more convenience in managing cultivation using JALA App Pro, from recording bulk data to managing farm finances.

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Why JALA App Pro?
Manage cultivation more effectively
The complete and diverse JALA App Pro features make it easier for you to manage your cultivation.
Get comprehensive insight
More than just data recording, you also get an in-depth analysis of the cultivation that is carried out.
Data have been integrated
No more hassle in matching the data since all of them are connected to one other.
What You’ll Get in JALA App Pro
Excel Input
More freedom to record bulk cultivation data in a familiar format
Finance Management
Manage pond income and expenses more easily
Farm Inventory
Manage the stock of goods needed for cultivation efficiently
Cultivation Report
Generate cultivation performance reports automatically based on data
Financial Report
Generate financial reports automatically based on cash flow and production calculations
Cultivation Data Analysis
Get in-depth analysis of cultivation performance
Excel Input
Record cultivation data in bulk more freely
Excel Input allows you to record large quantities of cultivation data with a familiar format.
    • Record in a familiar format
      Record cultivation parameter data in a familiar and easy-to-use table format
    • Customize your needs
      Record more than 40 parameters then adjust the features according to your needs
    • Flexible with two views
      Record data in daily or pond views without the hassle of switching pages
    Finance Management
    Manage cultivation financial transactions in one feature
    Record expenses, income, debts, and receivables in a more detailed, organized, and convenient way.
      • Integrated with cultivation data
        Income and expenses are automatically integrated with cultivation data such as harvest and pond stock
      • Record by category
        Recording of income and expenses of cultivation is more organized as it is adjusted by category
      • One invoice for multiple categories
        Record multiple categories of transactions on the same date in one invoice
      Farm Inventory
      Manage pond stock easily
      Record and monitor the use of various stock for cultivation needs in a more organized way.
        • Monitor stock conditions in detail
          Get usage and remaining stock details in a simple, easy-to-understand interface
        • Learn stock history
          Get detailed information regarding the history of each product recorded in the pond stock feature
        • Faster stock control
          Monitor out-of-stock and product usage rates more quickly with stock updates
        Cultivation Report
        Get cultivation reports automatically and easily
        Get a performance recapitulation and cultivation summary based on the recorded parameter data.
          • Comprehensive cultivation summary
            Gain insight into harvest results, SR, FCR, water quality, carrying capacity, and shrimp growth
          • Compare the performance of each pond
            Get to know which ponds give the best results and which require more attention
          • Learn about cultivation in detail
            Get a thorough analysis of cultivation results as an evaluation for future cycles
          Financial Report
          Get to know cultivation finance thoroughly
          Get balance sheet, cash flow, and profit loss reports automatically based on cultivation financial data.
            • Learn cultivation finance easily
              Get a complete cultivation financial summary in an easy-to-understand interface
            • According to accounting standards
              Financial statements are presented in the form of balance sheets, cash flows, and profit and loss. No need to create manually
            • Better planning for the next cycle
              Gain insights to help you plan your next cultivation cycle budget
            Analysis Cultivation Data
            Get an in-depth cultivation analysis
            Monitoring cultivation performance is made easier through in-depth and comprehensive analysis charts.
              • Get to know the relation of each parameter
                Compare up to 20 cultivation parameters simultaneously
              • Learn cultivation performance more easily
                Data visualization in graphical form helps you understand cultivation analysis more easily
              • Evaluate cultivation
                Use the analysis as a valid evaluation to start the next cycle
              Record All Shrimp Farming Data in a Single Application