Shrimp Cultivation Operational and Funding Cooperation

Joint-operation program for shrimp farming in the form of partnerships and assistance. Involving various supporting facilities and technology from JALA for productive and sustainable cultivation.

Cultivation partners
Complete Package for Shrimp Farm Operational Solutions
    A series of features in a shrimp farming operational cooperation program to support all aquaculture needs.
  • Access to funding
  • Insurance
  • Technology support
  • Field technical assistance
  • Supply and market access
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Access to funding
Technology support
Optimizing the Use of Technology
Manage cultivation, its current condition, to finances from the hand.
JALA Baruno
Measure four parameters of water quality at once, the data is automatically synchronized with JALA App.
Real-time monitoring
Far from the pond? Monitor anytime and anywhere through JALA real-time monitoring.
Full Support for Cultivation Operational Funding
  • Access to funding
    Funding becomes a barrier? JALA SmartFarm is ready to prepare cultivation capital. Funding will adjust to the operational needs of cultivation.
  • Insurance
    Equipped with insurance that will provide protection and a sense of security for partners against potential failures due to illness and non-technical constraints.
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Field Technical Assistance
  • Experienced practitioner assistance
    From preparation to cultivation period, partner ponds will be assisted by experienced practitioners to monitor the cultivation.
  • Field technical assistance
    Involving field assistants at the pond to support technical matters of cultivation and synchronize cultivation data and information.
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Wide Access to Supplies and Markets
  • Cultivation needs supply
    Guarantee the supply of all cultivation needs, such as feed, probiotics, and any other equipment.
  • Market access
    Where will the shrimp be sold during harvest time? We ensure the provision of a network and buyer/supplier access with guaranteed safe and fast payments.
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Follow these steps to join the joint-operation program
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