Run Cultivation More Effectively With JALA
Helping farm technicians solve technical and operational problems on the farm with the best solutions.
Total Biomass
Issues in Farm
Water quality checking
Checking water quality manually takes a lot of time and its accuracy is not guaranteed.
Shrimp disease outbreaks
Disease outbreaks have a negative impact on cultivation sustainability since it leads to mass mortality.
Extreme weather changes
Extreme weather fluctuations affect water quality parameters such as pH, salinity, and temperature.
Record Farm Conditions Efficiently
Record daily cultivation conditions more conveniently in one application. Access and monitor the data at any time.
Analyze Cultivation Performance
Evaluate cultivation progress through accurate projections. Cultivation parameters are integrated with each other.
Manage Directly from Your Hand
Monitor and record cultivation conditions right from your hand. Access the data and monitor its growth anytime
Faster and Accurate Water Quality Checking
JALA Baruno can measure water quality quickly and provide accurate results. Simply submerge Baruno sensor probe, measure the water, save the data, and monitor anytime.
  • Can measure up to 4 parameters at once (pH, dissolved oxygen, temperature, and salinity)
  • Integrated with JALA App
  • Waterproof, dust-proof, and sand-proof casing (IP67)
  • Can store data from up to 30 ponds in single measurement
  • Long endurance (battery power can last 3-4 days in single charge)
  • Easier calibration process
    Get the Accurate Shrimp Condition
    JALA Lab provides shrimp disease diagnosis more accurately and quickly to help you make the best decisions.
    • Shrimp fry quality checking
    • More accurate diagnosis using iiPCR
    • Identify 4 types of pathogens
    • Get the result within 24 hours
    • Accepting samples from anywhere
      Extensive Access for Shrimp Yields
      A shrimp harvest service with fast and secure payment, supported by an extensive network of harvest teams.
      • Get the latest shrimp price information in various regions across Indonesia
      • Sell shrimp yields at the best price
      • Transparent harvest SOP
      • Trusted transactions
      • Harvest anytime
        Gain Knowledge from the Community
        Learning, networking, and achieving success with fellow technicians, farmer communities, and shrimp farming experts.
        • Cultivation discussion
        • Sharing cultivation experiences
        • Public lecture on disease prevention
        • Membership program with extra benefits
        • Farmer groups in Telegram and WhatsApp
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