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Total Biomass
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Issues in Farm
Unpredictable yields
Farmers encounter various uncertain factors in cultivation, starting from weather, water quality, to early mortality.
Shrimp disease
Disease infections, such as WSSV, WSD, and AHPND, threaten shrimps and have negative impact on cultivation.
Cultivation technical constraints
Implementing cultivation treatments and methods without proper SOP might have negative impact on the cultivation itself.
The Best Way to Cultivate
Efficient Cultivation Management
Monitor and record cultivation condition right from your hand. Access the data and monitor its development anytime.
  • Record the data of feed, water quality, sampling, disease, and mortality in one application.
  • Input data in daily or pond format.
  • Get the analysis of cultivation projection.
  • Manage data in Excel format.
  • Identify the estimation of total biomass, feed, harvest, and selling price before starting cultivation.
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    Dissolved Oxygen
    Identify Pond Water Quality Quickly and Accurately
    JALA Baruno is able to measure water quality quickly and provide accurate results. Just dip the probe, measure, save data and monitor anytime.
    • Can measure up to 4 parameters at once (pH, dissolved oxygen, temperature, and salinity).
    • Integrated with JALA Apps.
    • Waterproof, dust-proof, and sand-proof casing.
    • Can store data from up to 30 ponds in single measurement.
    • Long endurance (battery power can last 3-4 days in single charge).
    • Easier calibration process.
      Complete Solution for Pond Operations
      A series of features in the shrimp farming operational cooperation program to support all aquaculture needs.
      • Access to funding
      • Insurance
      • Technology support
      • Field technical assistance
      • Supply and market access
        Operational Support
        Access to Funding
        Extensive Access and Fast Payment
        A shrimp harvest service from JALA with fast and secure payment. We have an extensive network of harvest teams to help farmers sell their yields.
        • Trusted transactions
        • Harvest anytime
        • Extensive market access
        • Transparent harvest SOP
          Develop with Community
          Learning, networking, and achieving success with farmer community and shrimp farming experts.
          • Cultivation discussion
          • Sharing cultivation experiences
          • Public lecture on disease prevention
          • Membership program with extra benefits
            Collaborating and creating Shrimp Farm Expert
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