A Fast and Trusted Partner for Shrimp Harvest

A shrimp harvest service from JALA with fast and secure payment for farmers. We have an extensive network of harvest teams and guaranteed transactions.

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Your Cultivation Harvest Solution
  • Trusted transactions
    Harvest shrimp from the farm with a fast and secure payment for farmers.
  • Harvest any time
    Sell your shrimp without fuss. Ready to harvest and accommodate your shrimp any time.
  • Market access
    Gain access to a wide harvest distribution network from farms to domestic and export markets.
  • Transparent harvest SOP
    Transparent harvest technique that prioritizes efficiency and shrimp quality from harvest process in the farm to the market.
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Extensive Buyer and Market Access
Extensive reach
JALA Harvest team is ready to harvest your shrimp in Lampung, across Java, Madura, Bali, and West Nusa Tenggara.
Harvest team network
Provide harvest teams in every area for either planned or incidental harvest.
Open the market access
Provide harvest distribution access to 12 processing companies as well as export and domestic markets.
Fast, Secure, and Convenient Transaction!
    • Payment acceleration
      Settle the price before harvesting. Process the payment immediately after it is done. Harvest then pay!
    • Secure transaction
      Provide payment assurance for harvest with a fast system as well as secure and trusted transactions.
    Effective and Quality-Oriented Harvest Technique
      • Prioritize transparency
        Transparent with initial agreement covering size and total tonnage estimates, harvest techniques, and prices.
      • Maintain quality
        Harvest shrimp as efficiently as possible and process it immediately to maintain the quality.
      • Traceability
        Ensure that your shrimp is traceable and cultivated in a proper and sustainable way.
      Harvest Your Shrimp With JALA!
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