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End-to-end Solution to Increase Productivity and Efficiency of Shrimp Farms

Helping to realize the sustainability of shrimp farming in Indonesia and the world by being directly involved in the aquaculture process to the supply chain of the shrimp industry.

Get to Know Us Closer
JALA eases the struggles of shrimp farmers
We deliver ease in services that are integrated with technology, the provision of aquaculture analysis, and the latest sources of information about aquaculture. Together with JALA, farmers can increase their crop yields with the help of technology, mitigation of failure risks, and sustainable farming.
Our vision is to be the leader in blue revolution across the shrimp farming industry through big data
Our mission is to increase cultivation production and efficiency through data-driven decisions in the shrimp farming industry
Liris the CEO of JALA
Liris Maduningtyas
Values of JALA
We are constant learners
We uphold honesty and integrity
We build a collaborative dynamic
We are adaptive to changes
We are groundbreaking performers
We listen to our surroundings
Year-to-Year Journey of JALA
  • 2016
    The co-founders, Aryo, Andi, Syauqy, Farid, Hanry, and Raynalfie conducted research on water quality monitoring to be used as a product with a sale value to farmers.
  • Dec 2016
    Liris joined the team and conducted market and product market fit research. At the end of 2016, the founders decided to establish a start-up company that focuses on digitizing shrimp farms.
  • 2018
    JALA’s water quality monitoring platform was developed into a pond management platform. The team joined Hatch Accelerator Program and established JALA Tech.
  • Jan 2019
    Various new features were developed and launched, including Shrimp Price, Shrimp News, and premium feature (Pro Cycle). The pond management platform can be accessed through mobile application (JALA Apps).
  • Jul 2019
    The development of IoT-based multiparameter water quality measurement device continues. It was officially introduced under the name JALA Baruno and started to be manufactured.
  • Sep 2019
    Securing seed funding by the end of 2019 which was obtained from 500 Startups, Hatch, and Conservation International Ventures to continue developing the aquaculture management platform.
  • Nov 2019
    To accelerate the mission of digitizing shrimp ponds, JALA initiated Tambak Pintar by JALA program as an assistance program for middle to low-scale farmers.
  • Jan 2020
    JALA starts to go out into the field to catalyze transactions and market access for shrimp farming yields. JALA service comes with a fast and secure payment through PanenUdang by JALA.
  • Jun 2020
    Realizing that shrimp disease is a serious threat to the sustainability of cultivation, JALA presents LabUdang by JALA to help farmers identify diseases accurately.
  • Feb 2021
    Considering the importance of dissolved oxygen (DO) water quality parameters in the cultivation process, JALA introduced DO supply devices with lower electricity demand, JALA Dojeto and JALA Dojeto Max.
  • Mar 2021
    The features and accuracy of shrimp farming management application continues to develop, including the launch of JALA Mobile Apps for iOS users.
  • Jul 2021
    JALA's commitment to be present in every industrial process leads to the establishment of shrimp pond operational cooperation service called JALA SmartFarm that comes with various features for shrimp farming operations.
  • Nov 2021
    Towards the end of 2021, JALA obtained new funding of 6 million US Dollars from Mirova, The Meloy Fund, and Real Tech to support the productivity and sustainability of the shrimp industry.
  • 2022
    JALA started its expansion into the Southeast Asian market. It started with the Kick Off Pilot Program in Cà Mau, Vietnam which is in line with the mission of the Vietnamese government to digitize shrimp farmers.
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JALA Leadership
Meet the leadership team of JALA
Aryo Wiryawan
Liris Maduningtyas
Andi Nusapatria
Chief Commercial & Operation
Syauqy Nurul Aziz
VP of Product
Raynalfie Rahardjo
VP of Farm & Sustainability
Hanry Ario Prestianto
VP of Trade
Farid Inawan
Principal Engineer
Our Investors
Helping to Create
More Productive & Sustainable Shrimp Industry
Farmers registered in JALA
Shrimp traded
Ponds registered
Sustainable ponds under JALA management
Sorot Balik Udang Indonesia
Sorot Balik Udang Indonesia
  • wildan product manager
  • Dani software engineer di JALA berbahagia
  • Pak Asnan, salah satu petambak binaan tambak pintar JALA
  • Yogha berbagi pengalaman dengan warga JALA
  • Fathan si Raja Kuis
  • Pengujian alat kualitas air tambak Baruno
  • Riqo memonitoring tambak SmartFarm JALA
  • ShrimpHub by JALA Squad
  • Mas Andrew the Technical Masters
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Becoming Warga JALA
Agile, innovative, and eager to develop together. Are you the one that we’re looking for?