Baruno Terms of Warranty

Warranty Information

The warranty is valid from the product handover date until the same date 1 year afterwards and comprises of the following:

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You are entitled to a free maintenance or service fee for 1 year of owning the device.

Services can only be done at JALA headquarters at the following address: Ground Floor Sahid J-Walk, Jl. Babarsari No. 2, Janti, Caturtunggal, Depok, Sleman, D.I. Yogyakarta 55281

Warranty Terms and Conditions

Warranty conditions

  1. This warranty is only valid in Indonesia. For water quality devices outside of Indonesia, please email JALA at
  2. Fill the warranty card and show it when coming for a service. The device number and IMEI must match the one on JALA’s water quality device (Baruno). If the customer is unable to show the warranty card, the customer will be charged with the normal service fee.
  3. You must be able to return the product to the purchase location or JALA’s official service center for fixing or replacement.
  4. The device number or IMEI on JALA’s water quality device (Baruno) cannot be damaged or changed in any way. In the event of a damage, the customer will be charged with the normal service fee.

Warranty exceptions

  1. The warranty is canceled or cannot be used if JALA’s water quality device has been fixed outside of JALA’s official service center, or its arrangement has been changed and no longer matches its original specifications.
  2. The warranty is canceled or cannot be used for the following conditions:
  • Damages due to factors apart from operational usage, such as: fire, natural factors (earthquake, lightning, flood, various wind conditions, rust), fluid spills, riots, and force majeure).
  • Damages due to misuse, falls, scratches, stains, breaks, or damages done by insects/pests (example: rodents).

Other terms

  1. All answers regarding questions or complaints related to the damages, work skills, or materials are an absolute decision from JALA.
  2. The warranty card cannot be replaced if lost.
  3. The device that does not fulfill the warranty terms above will be charged with service fee and spare part replacement fee during service according to the terms.
  4. The warranty is valid from the moment the customer receives JALA’s water quality device.
  5. Shipping fees of the device from the customer’s address to JALA’s office will be paid by customers. Shipping fees back to the customer’s address from JALA’s office will be paid by JALA (local Indonesia only).

Warranty Submission/Warranty Claim Procedure

  1. The customer will report the warranty to JALA by sending an email to or calling +62813-2551-4194 (Sales).
  2. JALA will make a confirmation within 2 business days (Monday - Friday).
  3. JALA will directly coordinate with the customer regarding the issues and solutions for JALA’s device.
  4. If JALA visits the customer’s location and discovers that the service must be done at JALA’s office, JALA’s device will be brought to JALA headquarters and fixed with an estimation of 7 business days (Monday - Friday), not including the travel time when retrieving and returning the device.
Updated on December 2022
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