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End-to-end Shrimp Farming Solution

JALA helps shrimp farmers increase cultivation production and efficiency in the shrimp industry.

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How Can We Help You Increase Your Productivity?
Understanding cultivation more quickly and precisely will facilitate better decision-making to avoid uncertainty in production results.
Digital Technology
Provide real-time data recording and monitoring features to get a complete analysis of your cultivation productivity.
Farm Management
Shrimp farm joint operation that includes partnership, assistance, and involves JALA supports and technology.
Post production
Harvest and Market Access
Harvest directly to the farm with fair deals, an extensive network, as well as fast and secure transactions.
A Complete Solution for Productive and Sustainable Shrimp Farming Industry
JALA builds an ecosystem in the shrimp industry to help farmers create efficiency and open wider and easier market access. We provide the right and complete solution to increase sustainable productivity.
Prevent, Handle, and Minimize Cultivation Problems
Problems can be encountered at any time. Preventing, handling, and minimizing can only be done if you know the actual condition. The best decision is in your hand.
  • Fluctuations and relations between water quality parameters
  • Shrimp growth
  • Calculation of productivity and profit potential
  • Transparency of pond business management
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Ensure that Cultivation Stays on the Path of Success
The success of cultivation begins with routine checks and monitoring of the current condition of cultivation. Thoroughly observe things that may often be overlooked.
  • Physical aspects of water quality
  • Chemical and biological dynamics of water
  • Prevent and minimize disease infection
A Fast and Trusted Access for Your Shrimp Harvest
Having direct access to domestic and international markets is maximized by harvesting shrimp from farmers, maintaining the best quality, and ensuring payment for farmers. Agreement is made based on fairness and mutual benefit.
    Market access partners
    Operational Cooperation and Funding of Shrimp Farming
    Handling technical and non-technical things in shrimp farming as cultivation and business. Operations are supported by wide access to the industrial supply chain.
    • Access to funding (capital and isurance)
    • Consultation and assistance
    • Digitalization of cultivation management
    • Market access
    Our partners
    Build a Bond and Influence With All Parties in the Industry
    JALA builds a harmonious community as a means of developing and succeeding together. Involving farmers, experts, practitioners, and the government. Adopting technology to create a productive and sustainable industry.
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