Indonesia's Shrimp Industry Flashback 2021

Retrospect and notes on Indonesian shrimp farming in 2021

We summarize and analyze various data related to Indonesian shrimp farming during 2021. This report was prepared by the JALA team. JALA collected data from anonymous sources through the JALA Apps farm management system platform. In this report, you will get data and information regarding the Indonesia's shrimp industry data:
  • The overview of the Indonesian shrimp industry in 2021.
  • Measuring the latest targets and progress of the Indonesian shrimp industry.
  • Understanding the behaviour of shrimp farming in Indonesia.
  • Shrimp farming performance in Indonesia.
  • Highlighting areas with the best cultivation performance in Indonesia.
  • Measuring the potential for future productivity growth.
  • Retrospect of constraints and problems.
  • And many more.
JALA's Outlook Webinar
Achievements in 2021, Target, dan Plan for 2022

In this webinar, JALA will present the annual Indonesia shrimp report containing insights regarding the performance, market behaviour, and achievements of Indonesian shrimp farming in 2021 based on the data collected in the JALA application. In addition, there were panellist discussions also held by stakeholders in the Indonesia shrimp industry,

Sidrotun Naim (Aquaculture Scientist)

Haris Muhtadi (Chairman of Animal Feed Corporate Union)

Budhi Wibowo (Chairman of AP5I and FUI)

to discuss what happened last year, both achievements and industry issues in 2021 as well as analysis, expectations, and industry targets in 2022.

    Webinar's Replay