Annual Report

Shrimp Outlook 2023

Indonesia’s 2022 shrimp industry landscape and key takeaways for 2023.

What You Will Learn
2022 shrimp cultivation performance in Indonesia
The impact of market conditions on shrimp prices
Shrimp disease challenges and solutions
Cultivation strategies for better productivity
Reflecting on the 2022 Shrimp Industry to Prepare for 2023
In 2022, various challenges hindered the growth of Indonesia’s shrimp cultivation productivity. Unstable market conditions drove fluctuations in shrimp prices. Emerging from this issue, JALA, an end-to-end shrimp cultivation solution, analyzed the data collected from the all-in-one shrimp farm management application, JALA App, to examine cultivation trends and various factors that affect them. Compiled in the Shrimp Outlook 2023 report, these findings are expected to bring new insights about the shrimp industry landscape as a guide for planning more productive and sustainable cultivation in the coming year.
      Shrimp Outlook's 2023 Re-run
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