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Smart Water Quality Meter 4in1

Accurate, Fast, and Precise!


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Rp. 28.400.000

Free 10 Pro Cycles

*The demo can be done on your farm or online

Why Baruno?

Baruno is a smart water quality meter with 4 sensor parameters which is important for shrimp farming. Baruno connected to the internet, so you could store the measurement result data to the Jala cloud. Where you can access and monitor the data and information of your water quality anytime and anywhere using your gadget. On the laptop or mobile app.

The water quality measurement and data recording become easier and faster. You don’t need to bring any measurement devices and notes while doing the measurement at the pond. Simply submerge Baruno sensor probe to your pond, wait for Baruno reading the water quality, store the data to the cloud by sending it using an internet connection, then monitor the measurement result on your laptop or phone.

Baruno Specifications

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Features and Advantages


pH, salinity, dissolved oxygen (DO), and temperature in one device.

Online update

Firmware update using FOTA (firmware over the air).

Compensated sensor readings

High accuracy in reading because the sensors reading are compensated.

Measure up to 30 ponds

Can store measurement data up to 30 ponds.

IP67 case

Waterproof, dust proof. Reliable for shrimp farm environment.

Easy to calibrate

Calibration process is easier and faster by using in-device guidance.

Integrated with Jala Apps

The measurement result data stored in the cloud and connected to Jala Apps.

Long last power

Battery power could last 3 to 4 days in a single charge.

Baruno is Better

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What You Will Get

* Terms about warranty and user privacy jala.tech/id/garansi-alat
** Terms about support service for customer jala.tech/id/ketentuan-pembelian

Connected with Jala Apps

By using Baruno, you can store and record the water quality measurement result Jala cloud server.

The measurement result data that stored in Jala cloud could be accessed anywhere and anytime using your mobile from the Jala android mobile app that you can download here . Or you can access with your computer or laptop by opening app.jala.tech.

By connecting your data to Jala apps, there’s a lot of benefits that you can get.

Monitor the water quality measurement

You can monitor the water quality condition and make sure if your water quality does not exceeds the normal range that could lead to slow shrimp growth even leads to the emerge of shrimp disease.

Siklus Pro Jala Apps

Siklus PRO is a sistem that helps you manage the farm easier and more efficient in Jala app. By upgrading your cycle status to PRO, you will get the premium feature in Jala app like financial management, record water quality and cultivation data with spreadsheet format, cultivation and financial reports, manage your farm stock, and you can compare the conditions of your ponds using cultivation analysis feature.

By buying Baruno, you will be registered to our special program called Platinum Member for a year and get 10 Siklus Pro free. To claim your free Siklus Pro, please contact Jala team at +62821-3867-7788

Terms and conditions

By ordering Baruno, you are understand, agree, and bounded by any valid terms and conditions that related to Baruno. For more information about the terms and conditions, please check at jala.tech/id/ketentuan-pembelian/

Order and shipment

Baruno sale at this stage is limited only for buyer that residents in Indonesia. Baruno shipment will use 3rd party postal services and the shipment will send to the address that you provide when do the order. We also can ship Baruno directly to your farm, but that term is depend on the distance of your farm with Jala main office that located on Sleman Regency, D.I. Yogyakarta Province. Please take a notice if you are responsible for the shipping fee to your address. The estimation of shipping fee will be notified to at least D-2 before Baruno is shipped.

Device shipment estimation

Baruno will arrive at your place depends on your distance between your place and Jala office. For each shipment, we will inform you the shipping date at least D-7 before the package is shipped.


Each Baruno device has 1 year warranty for handheld (the main unit) and 6 months for temperature probe, pH, salinity, and DO. Any maintenance service regarding Baruno warranty only could be done at Jala headquarter at Jala, Kompleks PT. Indmira, Jl. Kaliurang km 16.3, Kledokan, Ngemplak, Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta, Indonesia 55584.

For more information about device warranty, please read at https://jala.tech/id/garansi-alat/

Need help?

If you have any questions regarding Jala products. Please contact us at contact@jala.tech

Risks and Challenges

Supply chain risks

Jala has spent years to build the team and partners who can and able to do hard work to make sure Baruno work properly at your farm. But inside Baruno, there are hundreds of components for different sources of vendors and partners. The potential of failure or damage still exist. But we will make sure to always inform and support you if there’s any failure happens in Baruno.

Terms and conditions

Baruno buyer will responsible for the shipping fee.

The term and conditions about ordering Baruno jala.tech/id/ketentuan-pembelian/
Jala Privacy policy
Term of warranty jala.tech/id/garansi-alat


How long the battery will last?
Baruno battery last around 3 to 4 days for a single charge in a normal usage.

Does the Baruno display could be seen under the sunlight and on the dark?
Baruno display using COG technology that make it could be seen under the direct sunlight. And also it has a back light that makes it can be seen in the dark.

Is it Baruno waterproof?
Baruno is designed to work on harsh and extreme condition like shrimp farm. With IP67 standard, Baruno is waterproof and dust proof.

How to charge the Baruno device?
When you buy Baruno, you will get the charger. You can charge Baruno using the adaptor that we provide. We don’t suggest you to charge Baruno using power bank. Because it could potentially break the Baruno charging system.

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Aplikasi Web Jala

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Intersted in Baruno?

Interested in Jala Apps?

Better shrimp farm management start here

Intersted in Baruno?

Interested in Jala Apps?