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10 JALA App Features to Maximize Shrimp Cultivation Management

Wildan Gayuh Zulfikar
Wildan Gayuh Zulfikar
22 June 2023
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Shrimp cultivation management can be an easier process when every parameter is well-monitored. By knowing current cultivation conditions, farmers can stay on track to reach their target and identify hindrances that arise.

JALA App, a shrimp cultivation management app, offers various features which helps farmers record, monitor, and evaluate their shrimp cultivation business and technical aspects. Here are 10 JALA App features which are useful for shrimp farmers to manage their shrimp cultivation:

1. Recording Feature

This feature helps shrimp farmers record various data and information regarding their shrimp cultivation, from preparation to harvest. Farmers can record more than 40 parameters including water quality, daily feed, shrimp growth, harvest, treatment, shrimp mortality, and disease testing parameters.

Fitur Pencatatan - EN (1).png For web browser access, the available parameter recording will appear on the home page. Choose the desired record under farm information. In the mobile app, this feature can be accessed through the “Input” bar menu or the “+” icon.

2. Estimation Feature

Some shrimp cultivation estimations can be calculated based on farmers’ records. This estimation shows current conditions regarding cultivation productivity, such as biomass (total mass of shrimp in the farm), survival rate (SR), and selling price estimates.

Fitur Estimasi - EN (1).png Estimations can be directly viewed from the home page of the web browser or mobile app as a card, as shown in the image above. Regular data recording helps gain more accurate estimations.

3. Excel Input Feature

To record large quantities of data, such as laboratory test results, farmers can use the excel input feature to copy-paste the data directly from an excel or spreadsheet file.

Fitur Input Excel - EN.png This feature can be accessed from the web browser or mobile app. Make sure you have upgraded your pond to PRO Cycle to activate this feature.

4. Financial Feature

JALA App’s Financial Feature helps farmers record and monitor their farm finances. It serves a great use for accounting, monitoring cash flow, and evaluating up to per pond conditions.

Fitur Keuangan - EN.png When managing farm finances with JALA App, you can view and download financial reports. These reports can be accessed during cultivation or after harvest. All financial records in JALA App are generated based on accounting standards.

The Financial Feature can be accessed from PC web browser or mobile app, and is available for users who have upgraded their pond to PRO Cycle.

5. Stock Feature

The Stock Feature helps keep an inventory record. Farmers can use this feature to record the addition of various supplies and monitor the latest availability and usage history. Record and monitor various cultivation supplies such as feed, probiotics, lime, and other materials.

Fitur Stok - EN.png This feature can be accessed through the web browser on mobile or PC. Make sure you have upgraded your pond to PRO Cycle to use the Stock Feature.

6. Cultivation Report Feature

Apart from financial reports in the Financial Feature, PRO Cycle users of JALA App can obtain cultivation performance reports with recapitulation of various cultivation parameters. This kind of report is greatly useful to view cultivation performance from each cycle and make comparisons from each pond.

Laporan Budidaya - EN.png The reports can be accessed through the bar menu on the left side. Click on “Reports”, then select the cycle and pond you want to check. The downloadable report can be accessed during or after each cultivation cycle.

7. Analytical Graph Feature

Comparing multiple cultivation parameters is easier with the Analytical Graph feature. For example, farmers can compare the relationship between the total vibrio and total bacteria with total organic matter in one or multiple ponds. This feature can help farmers make a deeper analysis on their farm condition.

Fitur Grafik Analisis - EN.png This feature is accessible through the mobile or PC web browser. Input various parameters to analyze from one or multiple ponds.

8. Invite Farm Team Feature

Managing shrimp ponds is typically divided based on the scope of work from each team. Similarly, JALA App allows farm management to be done by inviting team members. Each user can be assigned to their own role in managing farm data and information.

Undang Tim - EN.png You can invite farm teams and assign roles on the farm settings page. Make sure your team already has a JALA App account before being invited to the farm they should manage.

9. Shrimp Price Feature

This feature is an up-to-date shrimp price portal from various Indonesian regions, giving shrimp selling price information from farmers to suppliers. Shrimp price data is regularly updated by suppliers, allowing farmers to contact suppliers with the best price.

Fitur Harga Udang - EN.png This feature is available for free on the web browser or mobile version of JALA App. Find the Shrimp Price feature in the bar menu, under the JALA MEDIA category on the web browser. For mobile app users, this feature can be found in the home page menu.

10. Moon Phase Feature

This feature gives the latest information on the current phase of the moon today and for the next few days. Knowing the current moon phase helps farmers make considerations and decisions regarding the right cultivation step, as the moon phase may affect molting in shrimp. Fitur Fase Bulan - EN.png This feature is available in JALA App for mobile. You can find it in the home page as a banner which shows the moon phase today and for the next few days.

Those are just 10 of the many features available on JALA App. JALA is #HeretoHelp you in your shrimp cultivation. Register yourself as a JALA App user now for FREE! Upgrade to PRO Cycle to access more PRO features such as Excel Input, Financial, Stock, Reports, and Analytical Graph.

JALA App makes shrimp cultivation management easier anytime and anywhere!

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