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Netting Fences, Looks Trivial and Oftenly be Overlooked

Wildan Gayuh Zulfikar
Wildan Gayuh Zulfikar
26 October 2023

Probably, we often see a pond of shrimp surrounded by green or black nets, installed around the pond but not too high. Not all ponds install these netting fences though.

What is the netting fence function(s)?

The nets usually have black or green color with some various densities. Mostly, it is made of knitted plastic. Netting fences is widely used for various things such as for the needs of agriculture, householding, ornamental gardening, and oftenly used for aquaculture.

In the field of aquaculture, netting fences is often used to cover the pond from the fallen leaves and to reduce the intensity of light coming through the pond. At the location of shrimp or fish farming, it does not rule out the possibility of fallen leaves or even other wastes falling into the pond without any nets.

In the ponds of shrimp, netting usually functions as a fence. It looks trivial by its installation surrounding the pond. Whereas, its function could be more vital to prevent the spread of disease between ponds. The main purpose is to prevent predators from coming to the pond and eating shrimps, carrying shrimps, then accidentally moving to another pond. It would be getting worse if it turns out that there is an infected pond. The disease could spread to other ponds.

We will never know if there is an animal unconsciously moving the sick shrimp to the healthy pond. We cannot keep our eyes on the pond for 24 hours. So, to lighten the burden of shrimp farmers and reduce some of the risks, it is better to install the netting as fences.

The netting fences installation can be the priority for the ponds of shrimp which are directly adjacent to nature or side by side with the other ponds. It is different from a pond with walls installed on its surroundings. In addition to preventing the wild animals coming to the pond, the netting fences also prevents foam or splashes of water from the nearby pond which is carried by the wind. Netting fences are not installed right on the edge of the pond, but given a distance of approximately half a meter from the edge of the pond.

Farmers often overlook the installation of netting fences because it is not their priority. By taking its function into consideration, the farmers better start preparing the special allocation for the installation of netting fences. Its existence looks trivial, but it is so beneficial and vital for the sustainability of cultivation

Because, preventing is always better than already losing and getting into trouble.

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