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Flathead Lobster: Its Price and Varieties

Kalyca Krisandini
Kalyca Krisandini
21 June 2024
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Flathead lobster live in coastal waters between 5-10 meters deep. As the name suggests, this lobster is quite unique because it has a fan-shaped tail. Their flat body can grow up to 25 cm in length and has a red, brown, or blackish carapace.

The Latin name of flathead lobster is Thenus orientalis. In some regions, it is also known by various names. In Australia, this marine shrimp is called bay lobster, while in Singapore it is called crayfish. Flathead lobster is the name given to it by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

Flathead lobster meat is quite popular due to its chewy texture and sweet flavor. What about its market prices and varieties? Read further in the discussion below.

Flathead Lobster Price

Flathead lobster are commonly offered in whole, fresh, or peeled in frozen packaging. The market price of flathead lobster is quite varied. In Indonesia, the whole ones range from IDR 120,000 to IDR 180,000 per kilogram. Meanwhile, the peeled ones, which are put in 500-gram frozen packages, typically cost between IDR 100,000 and IDR 120,000.

Flathead Lobster Varieties

Flathead lobster are divided into two varieties and distinguished based on their physical characteristics. The two varieties are as follows:

Horned Flathead Lobster

As the name implies, horned flathead lobster have one horn on their head and one horn close to their tail. They have a brown or blackish carapace.

Red Flathead Lobster

Red flathead lobster have no horns, the end of their head and tail are plain. As the name suggests, their carapace is reddish.

The Difference between Flathead Lobster and Vannamei Shrimp

Flathead lobster and vannamei shrimp differ significantly, even though they are both classified as crustaceans. These two differ from one another in terms of their physical characteristics, habitat, and market prices.

Physical Characteristics

Flathead lobsters are bigger in size and flatter in shape than vannamei shrimp. Their carapace is commonly red, brown, or black, and it has a rough, hard texture. Meanwhile, vannamei shrimp are transparent gray and smaller in size with a softer carapace.


Flathead lobsters are often found in coastal waters, which explains that they live in seawater. Meanwhile, vannamei shrimp live in brackish water, a mixture of freshwater and seawater. Vannamei shrimp can also be cultivated in farms for approximately 120 days.


Both flathead lobster and vannamei shrimp have high economic value. However, flathead lobster prices per kilogram tend to be higher as in Indonesia it ranges between IDR 120,000 and IDR 180,000. On the other hand, vannamei shrimp is more affordable because the largest size on the market (size 20) ranges from IDR 85,000 to IDR 95,000 per kilogram.


With their distinctive flat bodies, flathead lobsters live in coastal waters. There are two varieties of this species, namely the horned flathead lobster and red flathead lobster.

Flathead lobster have high economic value, but are difficult to get and cannot be cultivated like vannamei shrimp. Therefore, people are more interested in running a vannamei shrimp farming business.

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