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JALA Attends The 8th SOM AIS Forum in Madagascar

8 September 2023
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On August 28-29, 2023, JALA was officially invited by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) of Indonesia to attend The 8th Senior Official Meeting organized by the AIS (Archipelagic & Island States) Forum in Madagascar. This event served as a discussion forum to address maritime and aquaculture challenges faced by archipelagic countries. JALA was selected because it is a startup from the aquaculture sector with solutions with a vision of sustainability in mind. In addition to JALA, WaterHub, an Indonesian startup which develops technology for turning seawater into drinkable water was also invited.

At this event, JALA was represented by Aryo Wiryawan (JALA Commissioner) and Farid Inawan (Principal Engineer at JALA). On the first day of the event, Aryo introduced JALA's solutions to the Ministry of Fisheries and Blue Economy of Madagascar. Afterwards, Farid conducted a presentation which introduced and explained how to use JALA Baruno, a multiparameter water quality measurement device, which showcased its components, calibration, and maintenance. The attendees were enthusiastic in asking questions about JALA's overall solution as well as technical questions about Baruno.

JALA at AIS Forum.jpg On the second day of the event, JALA had the opportunity to visit the nearest fish farm and demonstrate how to use JALA Baruno. Madagascar also has quite a number of shrimp farms which focus on the tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon) commodity, but they have been affected by the White Feces Disease (WFD). During the visit, JALA’s team showed how to use JALA Baruno and interpreted the measurements while emphasizing the importance of water quality monitoring.

JALA at AIS Forum2.jpg The second day, which was the main event day, was attended by representatives from various archipelagic countries such as Cyprus, Fiji, Palau, and Papua New Guinea. Discussions during the event covered various issues such as plastic waste, rising sea levels, and aquaculture challenges. JALA also gave a presentation about its solutions for a more productive and sustainable aquaculture industry in front of the attendees of the Senior Meeting.

Towards the end of the event, JALA ceremonially presented Baruno to the Ministry of Fisheries and Blue Economy of Madagascar. JALA is truly honored that the UNDP has entrusted us to participate in the AIS Forum and introduce our initiatives for a more productive and sustainable aquaculture.

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