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JALA under a Global Spotlight: Attending the Startup Blue Business Summit and AIS Forum Plenary Session in Bali

16 October 2023
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On 9-11 October 2023, JALA was invited by UNDP Madagascar to attend the Startup Blue Business Summit and Plenary Session held by Archipelagic and Island States (AIS) Forum. This session was part of the 1st High Level Meeting of AIS Forum in Bali, Indonesia.

This event was initiated by AIS Forum, acknowledging the need for collaborative efforts to ensure the inclusion of archipelagic countries including Indonesia in the sustainable blue economy movement. It also marks the involvement of innovators (bluepreneurs) in the blue economy sector, aiming to foster progress and collaboration. Government representatives, business and industry leaders working on sustainability issues, especially on ocean and blue economy, startups from 30 AIS countries, practitioners, academics, and NGOs attended this event.

JALA was part of the Plenary Session from 9-10 October 2023, where we participated to showcase various approaches and exchange insights on the challenges related to sustainability and blue economy. The Plenary Session was followed by the “Journey To The Ocean” exhibition on 10-11 October 2023, where startups from Indonesia and other archipelagic countries such as Madagascar, Philippines, Maldives, New Zealand, and the Solomon Islands showcased their solutions in relation to the issues discussed in the summit. The exhibition focused on themes of climate change adaptation and mitigation, blue economy, marine plastic debris, and good maritime governance, and became a pivotal occasion for JALA to introduce our shrimp farming technology solutions.

Through this event, JALA explored collaboration opportunities with businesses in the blue economy sector while increasing JALA’s own brand awareness on a larger scale. We successfully networked with businesses and investors who are interested in the field of aquaculture technology.

JALA is deeply humbled and grateful by the opportunity to be a part of this momentous event. We hope that this event will bring us one step closer to a more sustainable ocean management and harnessing the potential of the ocean.

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