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Shrimp Prices Start Increasing, Discover the Full Analysis

23 December 2022
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New hope has arrived for shrimp farmers across regions as shrimp prices begin to recover.

Although shrimp prices have not reached their peak value as in April, a positive trend can be observed for all shrimp sizes, slowly increasing since November and into December. This trend applies to all regions although each has slight differences. Here is the full breakdown:


Size 100 shows the highest increase. Large sizes (size 40) also shows a huge difference compared to the previous month.

Latest Price from Various Regions

Now, let's take a look at shrimp prices at various regions.

East Java


In East Java, the shrimp price is similar with that in Bali-NTB , although it is slightly higher. Smaller size shrimp is predicted to increase in price gradually, while price drops may still be seen in medium to large shrimp. For the full information on East Java shrimp prices, click here!

West and Central Java

jabar.png jateng.png

Moving on to West and Central Java, various shrimp sizes experience a price increase, which is predicted to be steeper in large-sized shrimp, increasing the difference with medium-sized shrimp (70). For the full information on these two regions, click here for West Java, and click here for Central Java.

Bali - NTB



How about Bali and West Nusa Tenggara (NTB)? Increase in medium shrimp (size 70) and large shrimp (size 30) is predicted to increase slower compared to small shrimp (size 100). Check the full information here for Bali, and here for NTB.

Please note that these predictions are made based on data that have been recorded on JALA App. Shrimp price estimates are just a reference, and not an obligatory guide to strictly follow Check the full information on shrimp prices here!

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