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After 11 years, PT Indmira finally discovered the most suitable shrimp cultivation strategy

The Goals:

Finding the most suitable tool to measure water quality and keep track of cultivation conditions even from afar.

The Approach:

  • Develop a convenient water quality measurement device
  • Develop an application to record and monitor farm conditions

The Results:

A more productive and profitable shrimp cultivation which can be monitored anytime and anywhere.

Vannamei shrimp farmers are used to countless trials and errors in perfecting their cultivation, including PT Indmira, which is now in their second generation. “We often feel like giving up many times, but we are also excited to keep growing,” said Aryo Wiryawan, CEO of PT Indmira.

PT Indmira has tried different cultivation products and farm locations, modifying different cultivation methods to find the most efficient and optimum one, from extensive/traditional, semi intensive, to intensive farming.

The journey of experimenting and developing the best cultivation method took up to 11 years. Cultivation methods should be tested and recorded to find the proper formulation. Finally, PT Indmira’s business line discovered a more comprehensive way to record cultivation data.

PT Indmira used JALA App, an all-in-one shrimp management application to monitor farms even from afar. This greatly helped Aryo, who has to manage his time in controlling various business priorities. His farm also used JALA Baruno to measure and monitor multiple parameters of their pond water quality at once.

Aryo, who is also one of JALA’s founders, continued, “JALA offers more than applications or devices. We help farmers reveal information about their farm to help them make the best decision by evaluating their data stored in our system.”

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