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How Antonius solves various cultivation problems with JALA’s technology

The Goals:

Finding a more convenient way to do water quality measurements and cultivation data recording.

The Approach:

  • Using JALA Baruno to measure multiple water quality parameters
  • Using JALA App to record cultivation data and monitor real-time farm conditions

The Results:

Measurement and recording processes are more convenient and accurate.

Antonius Kurnia is a shrimp farmer from PT Agel Kencana in Situbondo, East Java. Anton started his cultivation 29 years ago. One of the biggest challenges during his cultivation include water quality measurement due to the multiple existing parameters that can only be measured manually.

Pak Anton recognizes the importance of measuring water quality and monitoring it regularly. He believes that knowing current water quality conditions can help him understand whether his shrimp are growing well. Previously, the technology used in measuring water quality involved the measurement of multiple parameters manually one-by-one.

Pak Anton has now benefited from JALA’s technology, namely JALA Baruno and JALA App, which greatly eases his cultivation. Using JALA Baruno, he can measure 4 water quality parameters at once. The measurement is also more accurate since it is done right in the pond water without the need to move the water sample to another location. Equipped with Internet of Things (IoT) technology, data recording is no longer a manual process, as it can be directly transmitted through the internet.

Moreover, he also used the JALA App, a shrimp cultivation management where he can record cultivation data and compare it to previous data, observing the trends and changes. He also gains access to cultivation tips such as the suitable treatments for his farm.

Anton has now overcome his cultivation challenges. He hopes JALA will keep growing to help farmers throughout their cultivation journey.

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