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Refusing to give in to tough conditions, Andri strengthened his farm’s footing in the industry with JALA SmartFarm

The Goals:

Running cultivation smoothly despite challenges from diseases and shrimp price fluctuations.

The Approach:

  • Working together with JALA SmartFarm for funding and field assistance
  • Using JALA App to manage and monitor farms easily

The Results:

Better management of shrimp farms despite tough conditions.

Andri is a shrimp farmer from Subang. In 2016, he managed 6 ponds. His business then grew to over 20 hectares of farm in 2019 under the company CV Mandiri Berkah Bahagia. However, during the pandemic, various aspects threatened the survival of his business.

One of the biggest challenges during that time was shrimp diseases, especially AHPND. Not only that, social and financial management were also difficult. Andri also had difficulties in securing the supply of shrimp fry due to the pandemic. At the same time, feed prices increased and shrimp prices decreased. Some of his farms experienced bankruptcy.

Fortunately, Andri discovered JALA SmartFarm through social media. After contacting them, Andri decided to collaborate with JALA SmartFarm to get funding and management assistance from JALA. JALA also helped Andri in setting goals and projecting profits from his farms.

With JALA, Andri can monitor his farms more easily, especially by using JALA App. JALA’s professional team also helped Andri with cultivation issues that occur in his farms, as well as harvesting his shrimp.

Despite tough conditions that arise due to the pandemic, shrimp diseases, and shrimp price fluctuations, Andri can proceed to operate his farms with less worry.

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