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From participant to speaker - witness Pak Thoyib’s success with JALA

The Goals:

Developing farmer skills and capability through Tebar by JALA program.

The Approach:

  • Field assistance program under experts’ and practitioners’ supervision
  • Encouraging farmers to share their experiences with one another

The Results:

Farmers are no longer only passive participants, but also share inspiring insights for fellow farmers.

Pak Thoyib was part of the Tebar by JALA program, a community-based cultivation assistance program. He joined this program in 2020. He was the owner and technician of a semi-intensive shrimp farm in Banyuwangi. Throughout his participation, he also gave JALA many useful inputs.


JALA’s program does not only aim to improve farm productivity, but build the capability and skills of farmers, whether it’s to run their cultivation or even becoming a mentor and speaker for others. Pak Thoyib’s valuable experiences being in the cultivation industry for years does not hinder him from sharing them to fellow farmers.

The Tebar by JALA gathering event held in Jembrana, Bali, opened up the opportunity for farmers to share their success stories. Pak Thoyib was one of the speakers who was able to share his own insights there. The gathering event was one of the program’s activities which shared various materials related to shrimp cultivation.

During his speaking session, other participants were eager to learn from him because he drew from his personal experience to share practical knowledge.

Pak Thoyib hoped that the shrimp farming industry could be an open and solid community where everyone can learn from each other and share knowledge with a common goal: to improve the productivity and efficiency of shrimp cultivation.

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