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How Pak Asnan increases his shrimp productivity by up to 5 times

The Goals:

Increasing shrimp productivity in traditional farms.

The Approach:

  • Field assistance by experts with a community-based approach
  • Introducing biosecurity systems
  • Introducing technology facilities

The Results:

Shrimp productivity increased up to 5 times, cultivation mass increased up to 2 times.

Pak Asnan is a traditional shrimp farmer from Banyuwangi. On average, his farm produces 200-500 kg of shrimp per cultivation cycle.


Pak Asnan was part of the Tebar by JALA program held by JALA and Balai Besar Perikanan Budidaya Air Payau, Jepara. He received field assistance with a community-based approach, during which he was introduced to biosecurity systems and technology facilities to help boost productivity. As a result, his farm was upgraded to a semi-intensive farm.

After the program, Pak Asnan’s shrimp productivity increased to 1 tonne, up to 5 times of his usual productivity. Not only that, his cultivation mass also increased up to 2 times with a shrimp size of up to 92. Moreover, Pak Asnan has now learned how to cultivate in a data-driven approach and monitor his farm while applying biosecurity practices.

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