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The rise of female farmers in the midst of a male-dominated industry

The Goals:

Developing the capability of shrimp farmers in cultivation.

The Approach:

Field assistance with a community-based approach for farmers regardless of gender.

The Results:

Ibu Luluk, a female farmer, has now become the sole decision maker in her farm. She is also the pioneer of intensive shrimp farming in her area.

Ibu Luluk is one of the female shrimp farmers in Demak who is trained by Balai Besar Perikanan Budidaya Air Payau, Jepara. Starting out with limited resources to continue her late father’s business, she is now the sole decision maker in her farm.


Despite coming from an educational background that does not relate to the aquaculture industry, Ibu Luluk was determined to make the best of her parents’ legacy. Her determination and willingness to learn made it possible for her to develop her cultivation. Apart from being the pioneer of intensive farming in her area, she is also entrusted to lead the “Kelompok Tani Ikan dan Udang Pasopati Jaya”.

Gender equality remains one of the existing issues in the shrimp industry. The fact is women are just as capable as men to be involved in various processes, from preparation, cultivation, harvesting, to post-harvesting. Female shrimp farmers are also known for their meticulousness in handling financial management, sorting, and grading shrimp. Ibu Luluk has proven this, along with other female farmers in various regions.

Considering Indonesia’s huge potential for shrimp farming, it would be a waste not to collaborate with talented female individuals who are eager to be part of the shrimp industry revolution. JALA hopes more women will be involved in every stage of the shrimp cultivation process.

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