Closing your account and deleting your data

JALA hopes to continue managing your shrimp farm with you. Our team is ready to help you overcome difficulties and obstacles at +62 813 2551 4194 or

A few things to note if you choose to close your account:

  1. Accounts that have been closed cannot be used again.
  2. If you are the Owner, then: a. You will also lose all stored farm, ponds, and cycle data. b. Accounts with other roles that registered your farm will also lose data.
  3. If you are a Technician, Pond-boy, Admin, or any other role other than Owner, you will lose only your account data.
  4. Email or phone number data from the closed account cannot be used to register once the account closure is confirmed.
  5. The account closure process will take 7 business days and is officially closed once you receive confirmation via email.
  6. Once your account is closed, you will need to register again to use JALA again.

Scope of account deletion

Delete all information associated to your account. All stored information in JALA app including:

  • authentication data
  • farm, pond, and cycle data connected to the account
  • other data that has been recorded in the JALA application

If you want to use JALA app again, you will need to register

How to Close Your Account
  • 1.
    You will need to cancel Pro subscription first to request for account closure. Cancel Pro subscription here.
  • 2.
    Click 'Request for Closure' and complete the account deletion form and fill in the reason for account deletion.
  • 3.
    Your request is accepted and will be processed.
  • 4.
    You will receive an account closure confirmation email within 7 business days.
Proceed to close your account?
You will be redirected to fill out the form