Our Commitment to Make an Impact for the Shrimp Farming Community

Helping to Create a More Productive & Sustainable Shrimp Industry
of land under sustainable management
of jobs held by women
Investment on Impact
Sorot Balik Udang Indonesia
Sorot Balik Udang Indonesia
Encouraging Community Development among Shrimp Farmers through Impactful Programs
JALA aims to grow together with shrimp farmers and everyone involved in the shrimp industry by offering assistance and training for more productive and sustainable cultivation. Our community development programs are:
  • Tebar by JALA
  • Jagoan Tambak
    Terbar by JALA
    Supporting Farmers Throughout Their Cultivation Journey with Tebar by JALA
    JALA recognizes challenges regarding financing, resources, and technology that hinder shrimp farmers' productivity and profitability. Therefore, the Tebar by JALA program aims to
    Jagoan Tambak
    Building Measurable Cultivation Behavior with Jagoan Tambak
    JALA aims for anyone involved in cultivation to make better data-driven decisions in running their cultivation. In line with this purpose, Jagoan Tambak is a group support program with activities such as
    Collaborating & Creating Shrimp Farm Experts
    What they said about JALA Sustainability Programs