Data Scientist, Business Intelligence

Jala is looking for data scientists and business intelligence to help us analyse internal and external data sources to drive key decisions around the future of Jala’s strategy. You will study user behaviour, critical initiatives, markets, content, and product features, bringing data and insights into every decision we make. You will join the Farm Management Solution product team that is working on developing a digital platform for shrimp farmers to record the cultivation data, monitor their farm performance, and get actionable insights to minimize the risk of failure in shrimp farming.

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Perform analyses on large sets of data to extract impactful insights that will help inform senior leadership and drive strategic decisions across the user funnel (acquisition, activation and retention)
  • Be an advocate for data-informed decision making, making recommendations about the product performance and product experience.
  • Help Farm Management Solution team to analyze, assess, and evaluate the fundamental performance drivers of Jala products.
  • Communicate insights and recommendations through clear visualizations and presentations.
  • Designing and implements the data pipelines, ETL process and analytics tools.

Technical Capabilities and skills:

  • Having at least 2 years of experience in a similar data scientist/business intelligence role and a degree in science, computer science, statistics, economics, mathematics, or a similar quantitative field
  • Familiarity with data mining and data modelling
  • Able to collect and process data from any resource using SQL, JQL, R, Python or other scripting and statistics tools.
  • You have extensive experience performing analysis with large datasets
  • You are capable of tackling very loosely defined problems and working independently
  • You act proactively when required and drive your work autonomously, while also supporting others around you that can benefit from your expertise.
  • You are a communicative person that values building strong relationships with colleagues and partners and have the ability to explain complex topics in simple terms
  • Having experience in data visualization.
  • Having experience in AWS technology is a plus.
  • Having experience in Mixpanel is a plus.

Recruitment Stages

In general, there are three stages of product manager recruitment in Jala:

  1. Resume and portfolio screening.
  2. Business Intelligence test case.
  3. On-site or call interview (we do recruitment in virtual since 2020).

Resume and portfolio screening

You will be asked to share your resume along with background information from academics and professional career experiences. Jala is looking for the culture-fit and technical skills to fit into the role that you apply from your past experiences. This process can take up to 7 working days.

Data science test case

You will be asked to working on the data science test. Where you will process and analyze a set of data provided by the Jala team. Jala is looking for the skills and capabilities that fit into the role. This process can take up to 7 working days.

On-site/call interview

If you pass the second stage, you will be asked to book a schedule for an interview with the Jala team consisting of the product manager, lead engineer, data scientist, and head of HR. There are several topics that will be discussed in the interview, starting with the behavioural round and data science test interview.

The details of each topic will be elaborated on below,

Behavioural round

In this topic, Jala looking for the value and cultural fit from your past experience with the engineering team and Jala as the company. Including your motivation to apply for a role at Jala tech. We recommend you to read more about our company stories on https://jala.tech/about/ and https://jala.tech/press/

Data science test interview

In this topic, you will be asked to present the result of your data science test case. Jala wants to dig deeper into your data science knowledge. From how you break down the case and your steps to process and analyze the data, also your ability t communicate the result to the team. In this process, you are free to ask and discuss with the interviewer regarding the problems and possible solutions. This topic takes around 30 to 60 minutes.

About Jala Tech

JALA offers a one-stop digital solution for shrimp farmers, leveraging their farming practices to ensure profitability and sustainability. We combine IoT water monitoring and data analytics system to achieve precision farming. JALA was founded by shrimp farmers that believe technologies will scale up shrimp production in a sustainable way. The complexity of the causes of failure in farming shrimp can be minimized by technology that helps farmers in taking preventive steps about the existing problems.


AWS, JQL, Mixpanel, Python, R, SQL