Product Designer, Marketplace

Jala is looking for a product designer with expertise in building, developing, and crafting simple, delightful product experiences that help farmers manage their shrimp farms, increase their productivity, and create a sustainable farm.
You will join the Marketplace product team that is working on developing a digital marketplace for shrimp farmers and buyers to trade shrimp.

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Working in all product design cycles, from product discovery to delivery. (user research to the user journey, wireframes, prototype tests, and so on).
  • Create pixel-perfect mockups and design specs
  • Working with on some Jala product on different platforms (web app and mobile app)
  • Working with product and engineering team to design and develop Jala product
  • Contributing to the company culture development that’s inspiring and fun. Develop the UX concepts of Jala like user needs, task analysis, user personas, storyboard, use case scenarios, and user flow.
  • Meet and talk with shrimp farmers to identify the primary problem in shrimp farming and what’s needed and then translate it into product or features that associated with Jala.

Technical Capabilities and skills:

  • Having 2-3 years of experience in UI and UX prototype development (we’re Figma users!).
  • Creative thinking.
  • Having product design portfolios is a must.
  • Having experience with HTML/CSS/JS is a plus.
  • Having experience in the development of documented high fidelity UX design using Figma or Adobe product for responsive design web app and Android mobile app.
  • Having knowledge in motion design like Lottie
  • Having an interest in the agriculture and aquaculture field is a plus.

About Jala Tech

JALA offers a one-stop digital solution for shrimp farmers, leveraging their farming practices to ensure profitability and sustainability. We combine IoT water monitoring and data-analytics system to achieve precision farming. JALA was founded by shrimp farmers that believe technologies will scale up shrimp production in a sustainable way. The complexity of the causes of failure in farming shrimp can be minimized by technology that helps farmers in taking preventive steps about the existing problems.


Figma, Adobe XD, Product Design, Sketch, UI/UX Design