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Designing Shrimp Farms and Their Facilities Properly

Wildan Gayuh Zulfikar
Wildan Gayuh Zulfikar
4 March 2024
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Running a successful shrimp cultivation requires the right shrimp pond design and suitable facilities. By creating a pond design, shrimp farmers will find it easier to manage water and waste throughout shrimp cultivation and harvest.

What are the requirements for the right shrimp pond design and how to create an ideal pond construction? Learn more in this article!

Requirements for Constructing a Shrimp Farm

The design of shrimp ponds includes the size and width of the plot, pond depth, dike or embankment size, perimeter channel size, and the location of water gates or harvesting gates. The area of the pond plot depends on the level of technology used.

The smaller the pond size, the easier it is to manage, but it is more expensive in terms of construction and operational costs. Pond plots with such areas make it more efficient in terms of water filling or discharge and during feeding.

Pond construction needs to follow requirements according to the intensity level of cultivation, as summarized in the following table.


Shrimp farmers should also build dikes, which are walls or embankments as separators between the pond area and the surrounding environment, such as seawater, rivers, and swamp areas according to ideal criteria.

Read more: Criteria for an Ideal Shrimp Pond Dike

The layout of the pond must meet the objectives of ensuring smooth operation mobilization on a daily basis, harvesting, ensuring smooth and secure water supply, waste management, being able to reduce construction costs without reducing the technical functions of the built pond unit, and maintaining environmental sustainability. The final shrimp pond design needs to consider efficient and economical management.

Examples of Shrimp Farm Designs based on Their Type

Before creating a shrimp farm design, pay attention to the following:

  1. Ensure the suitability of the land and soil types as they affect the construction and operation of the pond
  2. Calculate cultivation pond size and layout in detail
  3. Pay attention to important components in the pond, including water channels, water gates, and dikes

Here are the examples of shrimp farm designs based on cultivation level:

Example of Traditional Farm Design Example of Semi-Intensive Farm Design Example of Intensive Farm Design

How to Construct an Ideal Shrimp Farm?

According to Ministerial Regulation (Permen) from KKP no. 75 in 2016, a good pond design has the following criteria:

  • No dead corners in the pond
  • Effective and efficient in land and paddle wheel usage
  • Dikes have good accessibility for four-wheel vehicles or worker access
  • Has sufficient water during minimum tidal conditions
  • High assurance of safety and occupational health

Shrimp pond construction is carried out according to the established design and layout. The work starts with the construction of dikes, pond, followed by channels and water gates. In carrying out the pond construction, ensure that pond operations can run smoothly during cultivation. This includes preparation of the pond, shrimp stocking, shrimp growth process, and harvesting.

Vannamei shrimp ponds must also have effective and efficient design and construction without compromising technical functions while still considering sustainability and environmental impacts.


Shrimp pond construction design must meet the goal of ensuring smooth pond operations, from stocking preparation to harvesting. Pond construction should be as efficient and effective as possible, minimizing costs without compromising the technical functions of the pond itself, and considering environmental sustainability.

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