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The Example of Vannamei Shrimp Feed FR Table: Here’s the Detail!

Kalyca Krisandini
Kalyca Krisandini
19 March 2024
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The shrimp feed FR table is a table to identify Feeding Rate (FR) percentage per DoC (Day of Culture). This table is one of the important methods in shrimp feed management.

From the shrimp feed FR table, farmers can estimate the amount of feed according to shrimp age and need to avoid overfeeding and underfeeding. The FR table can also lead to a more efficient operational cost, given that feed takes up to 50-70% of the total cost.

What is Shrimp Feeding Rate?

Shrimp Feeding Rate is the percentage of shrimp daily feeding. This percentage is used to set the amount of feed administered based on shrimp average weight or Average Body Weight (ABW)/Mean Body Weight (MBW) and the feed estimation levels.

An optimal Feeding Rate and feeding frequency is essential to support shrimp growth. The combination of these two factors, along with high quality feed and appropriate feed nutritional content has the potential to result in healthy shrimp with fast growth rate.

The Example of Vannamei Shrimp Feed FR Table

The shrimp feed FR table that serves as a guide for every farmer may differ. This is due to the fact that each farm has a different feeding program and set of data. One of the determining factors is the weekly sampling results.

Shrimp samples from the sampling process in feeding trays and nets will be measured and weighed. One of the results of these measurements is used to calculate ABW. The calculating formula is as follows:

shrimp ABW formula.png

Meanwhile, the formula for the Shrimp Feeding Rate table is obtained after the ABW is identified. To find the FR percentage, you can compare the shrimp ABW results from sampling with the ABW in the FR table. Afterwards, calculate the biomass to determine the daily feed amount.

The shrimp feed FR table typically contains the following data:

  • DoC: The age of cultivated shrimp since stocking (in days).
  • ABW: Average weight per shrimp (in grams/shrimp).
  • FR: The daily shrimp feeding percentage (in percent).

The following is an example of a shrimp feed FR table:


The FR table can help you calculate daily shrimp feed needs. You can see an example of the calculation below.

After conducting sampling at DoC 42, a farmer found that the ABW of his shrimp was 6.24 grams/shrimp, with an ADG of 0.3 grams/day, and an estimated remaining population of 100,000 shrimp.

First of all, the farmer calculated the biomass using the following formula:

Biomass = ABW x population Biomass = 6.24 grams/shrimp x 100,000 shrimp = 624,000 grams = 624 kg

According to the FR table, a shrimp with an ABW of 6.24 grams/shrimp has a FR percentage of 4.05%. Then the farmer calculated daily feed needs using the following formula:

Daily feed = Biomass x FR = 624 kg x 4.05% = 25.27 kg

Thus, the daily feed requirement for shrimp when the ABW is 6.24 grams/shrimp with an estimated population of 100,000 shrimp is 25.27 kg.


The shrimp feed FR table is one of the components in feed management which is used to determine the FR percentage per DoC. Farmers can use this table to estimate the daily feeding amount based on needs. This way, the cost spent for feed can be more efficient.

You can find the FR Table feature in JALA App, a farm management app which is #HeretoHelp run your shrimp farming. You can fill it with the day-to-day MBW and FR. Data from this feature can later be used as a determinant of Survival Rate predictions.

Let’s cultivate more productively and efficiently with JALA App! Access via the web version of JALA App or download the app on Google Play Store or App Store.


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