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Farmer Story: A Story of Pak Yanto Who's Eager to Start Cultivating from Zero

Kalyca Krisandini
Kalyca Krisandini
20 September 2022
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There are no smart people in cultivation, only experienced ones

Stated Pak Yanto, a vannamei shrimp farmer in Purwodadi, Purworejo, Central Java. Pak Yanto is one of the shrimp farmers who began cultivating from 0. The experiences he had became a provision for him to succeed in cultivation.

How It All Began

Pak Yanto became interested in vannamei shrimp farming after he was asked to look after his relative’s farm. He’s eager to learn more about shrimp farming while looking after the ponds.

Pak Yanto cultivates while learning. Although being self-taught, he never gives up and keeps being tenacious. He often asks for advice and consults with other vaname shrimp farmers in the area where he lives.

When he was asked about the advantages of becoming a member of the farming community, he responded enthusiastically. “I learned a lot about shrimp farming, especially because I started cultivating from 0,” he remarked.

The Challenges

Three cycles of cultivation have been gone through by Pak Yanto. He has had numerous new experiences, both ups and downs, during those three cycles. He has gone through successful harvests as well as early mortality of shrimps due to disease.

The disease outbreak is the result of unfavorable weather. When it rains, the pond’s temperature, salinity, pH, and dissolved oxygen (DO) levels fall. Shrimps become sensitive to diseases as these parameters decrease. This is a distinct challenge for Pak Yanto.

When confronted with this situation, Pak Yanto did not remain silent. He sought solutions by asking for advice and discussing with his fellow farmers. Due to his initiative, Pak Yanto managed to recover the state of his pond.

Pak Yanto looks after his 1700 m2 shrimp ponds on a daily basis. Feeding and giving treatment to the pond have become a routine practice. He’s done siphoning and adding lime to the pond to preserve the condition of his pond in optimal condition. The way he started cultivating from 0 doesn’t stop him to do his best for his ponds.

Supports from JALA

Pak Yanto is one of twenty seven farmers who took part in the Tambak Pintar program in November 2021. JALA provided Internet of Things (IoT)-based farming support for him and other farmers as part of the program. This program also strives to promote farmer relations through the formation of shrimp farmer community and discussion.

Pak Yanto’s expertise in shrimp farming has improved as a result of his participation in the program. He began to learn about numerous parameters in the pond, such as pH, DO, and diseases that cause death to shrimps.

As a shrimp farmer, do not hesitate to discuss cultivation with other farmers. Discussion and community activities can now be held in ShrimpHub by JALA. This stakeholder and shrimp farmer activity center has been opened in Purworejo.

If you are a shrimp farmer living in Purworejo, you are welcomed to attend ShrimpHub community events. What are you waiting for? Invite your fellow shrimp farmers to ShrimpHub by JALA!

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