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JALA Attended The 14th Philippine Shrimp Congress: Introducing Cultivation Technology Innovations

Kalyca Krisandini
Kalyca Krisandini
24 September 2023
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JALA had the opportunity to attend The 14th Philippine Shrimp Congress in Bacolod, Philippines on September 20-22 2023. With the theme "Building and Adapting to the Regional Open Market", this event covered a range of topics related to shrimp farming, from global trends, hatcheries, shrimp health and nutrition, to government policy.

On this occasion, JALA was the only tech-based company invited. In front of the audience consisted of shrimp industry stakeholders, JALA’s Chief of Sustainability Officer, Andi Nusa Patria, introduced JALA's technological innovations to help manage shrimp farming, hoping to result in a productive and sustainable outcome, as well as introducing the other solutions from JALA. In addition, JALA’s Principal Engineer, Farid Inawan, also demonstrated the use of JALA App and JALA Baruno.

Mas Andi at Philippine Shrimp Congress.jpg The audience showed great enthusiasm and were impressed with JALA's solutions. They want to learn more about the functions of JALA App and JALA Baruno, as well as how other JALA solutions can help them in cultivating. It is because they are currently looking for a system to manage their shrimp farming more effectively.

The Philippines shrimp industry is among the 4th highest shrimp producing countries in ASEAN and they are very optimistic to catch up with production quantity and business growth. Shrimp production in the Philippines is oriented to the domestic market, in contrast to other shrimp producing countries. Up to 96% of shrimp production in the Philippines is used in the local market and only 4% is exported, hence when global shrimp prices declined not long ago, the shrimp industry in the Philippines was quite safe because they focused more on the domestic market.

The 14th Philippine Shrimp Congress itself is a national scale event attended by the Philippines shrimp industry’s stakeholders, such as cultivators, hatchery companies, feed factories, distributors and other people involved in the shrimp industry. However, the organizers also invited shrimp industry players overseas, with JALA being one of them. Therefore, JALA is very grateful for the opportunity given as one of the speakers at this event. It is hoped that this event can boost the potential of JALA solutions utilization in the Philippines, especially technology to support shrimp farming management.

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