Engaging Suppliers to Drive the Shrimp Industry Revolution
Providing an extensive, traceable, and profitable distribution network for all cultivation needs and supplies.
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The Issues in the Supply Chain
Limited network
Suppliers have limited access to farmers and processing companies to buy their products.
Harvest capacity
Insufficient funding limits the possibility of increasing harvest capacity.
Shrimp supply access
Challenges in guaranteeing high quality shrimp that fulfills the needs of different processing companies and exporters.
Increase Shrimp Harvesting Capacity
Provide funding assistance and a distribution access of shrimp harvest to both domestic and export markets.
  • Funding access to increase harvesting capacity
  • Network of partnering farms under JALA’s management to broaden harvest network
  • Guarantee of consistent harvest
  • Quick distribution of harvested shrimp
  • Access to processing companies and exporters
  • Transparent profit sharing payment system
    Secure Supply of Traceable Shrimp
    Guarantee the access of shrimp in various specifications for processing companies and exporters.
    • Provide shrimp supply fresh from the farm
    • Variety of sizes from various regions
    • Ensure traceability as an added value for shrimp supply
    • Transparent profit sharing payment system
      Connect Network of Supply Partners
      Create partnership opportunities for local suppliers and companies to offer and sell their products to farms under JALA’s management.
      • Market your products to JALA’s partnering farms
      • Guarantee of consistent buyers
      • Secure payment with profit sharing system
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        Let's Drive the Shrimp Industry Revolution Together
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