Your Shrimp Farm's Assistant on the Go

JALA is transforming the shrimp industry by offering a vastly improved management system. With data-driven farming in mind, our goal is to get farmers to make decisions based on actual data.

Our system provides water quality monitoring, and planning & reporting tools, complete with a decision support system so farmers can initiate the right treatment at the right time, based on data which has been collected and analysed. All the data from every farm using the system is automatically sent in for collation and review in order to gain valuable insight into the industry as a whole.

Jala Complete Sensors

Complete Sensors

Jala is equipped with sensors, that is friendly with shrimp, such as DO(dissolved oxygen), temperature, humidity, pH, salinity, and TDS (total dissolved solid), where these are packed into one device.

real-time water monitoring

Real-time Monitoring

Jala collects data of water parameters that can be accessed real-time, every time and everywhere using your gadget by SMS and the web.

analytics and decision support maker system

Analytics and Decision

Jala also has a decision-making algorithm to help farmers do the action based on the data on water condition in the shrimp pond it measures.

Why Jala?

shrimp farming is painful

Shrimp Farming is Painful

Shrimp is very sensitive to its environmental condition, the bad handling of shrimp aquaculture will make the shrimp easily to death and failure to harvest. So the water condition of shrimp pond must well care.

Nowadays, especially in Indonesia, farmers still using their own intuition to decide the water condition of shrimp pond. That's what makes farmers confuse, why their shrimp crop was successful in the last cycle, but not for the current cycle. It makes the production of shrimp aquaculture in Indonesia is still not optimal.

current solution for shrimp farm is not enough

Current Solution is not enough

Currently, there are many measurement devices, but it doesn't informative enough, many farmers can't figure out what thing that the value represented by the devices and what to do to make their pond in good condition based on it.

The price of measurement devices so expensive for only one parameter that traditional farmers couldn't afford it, whereas to know the good condition of shrimp pond, at least, we should know three parameters of water condition.

Also, due to its sensitivity, it's very important to know almost every time the condition of the pond, so it will take so many times for farmers, only to figure out what happening with their pond.

Jala solves shrimp farm problems

Jala comes to solve it

By using Jala, shrimp farmers will easily get the data of their pond’s water condition via SMS or internet access in anytime and anywhere. They can also determine the treatment for their ponds by using a decision support system provided by Jala, especially if there is something wrong with the water condition.

Jala is a sophisticated measurement device that is also affordable for shrimp farmers. With so many features, Jala enhances shrimp aquaculture technology in a new flexible way.

So, why not try our Jala to your ponds now for a better future of shrimp farming?

How Jala Works

install Jala on your shrimp farm

Install on Your Shrimp Farm

The Jala probes will submerge into the pond and collect water quality data continuously of your shrimp farm. Help you monitoring shrimp farm water quality such as pH, DO, salinity, TDS and temperature.

Jala analyze your data

Analyze Your Data

The data which collected by Jala will send to the cloud, processed and analyzed. Then shown in graphical form and analytical data so you could know precisely about your shrimp farm condition.

blumbanreksa makes you get connected to your shrimp farm

Get Connected to Your Farm

By using the Jala app or web. Farmers could access the information about their farm to their hand. Every time and everywhere. To the farm that unreachable by the internet connectivity, farmers still could access the information by using SMS.

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