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Important! What Human Resources Do Shrimp Farms Need?

Nabilla Anggi Wijayanti Julianto
Nabilla Anggi Wijayanti Julianto
26 October 2023

Get to know the roles of human resources in shrimp farms as one of the determining factors for the success of farming

Competent human resources in shrimp farms play a significant role in vannamei shrimp cultivation. This is due to the fact that there are many complex things that require attention, not just shrimp. Therefore, a strong teamwork is required to run vannamei shrimp farms successfully.

So, what human resources are needed in shrimp farming?

Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

Human resources with a background in electrical engineering are required to fully understand the electrical network, dynamo motors, generators, windmills, as well as the problems and anticipation of related systems.

Human resources with a mechanical engineering background can handle the pump system and its network, engine systems, as well as the issues and anticipation of related systems.

Aquaculture Team consisting of Technician, Laboratory Assistant, and Staff

Technicians serve as a manager, hence their role is crucial in cultivation activities. Technicians must have strong communication and laboratory analytical abilities, as well as an awareness of human management and aquaculture technical expertise.

Laboratory assistants serve the same roles as technicians. They must comprehend the methods of sampling, data collection, data presentation, and data guidance in a proper way. Furthermore, laboratory assistants must also handle the operation and maintenance of laboratory equipment.

Staff play an important part in the water system of the cultivation. They must be familiar with the flow system (discharge), as well as the distribution of water stocks, tides, and the basis of fermentation. Staff must also be knowledgeable about equipment maintenance, stock control, data collection, and pond feed control. Furthermore, the warehouse and its management are also the responsibilities of a staff.


The role of security in the pond is very important, especially at night. They need to keep watch of shrimp ponds because of the prevalent cases of theft of goods, shrimp, and even poisoning of ponds.

Solid human resources in shrimp farms will result in successful cultivation. Each individual plays a significant role in vannamei shrimp farming. Therefore, the managers of shrimp farms must distribute the workload properly so the cultivation can run effectively.


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