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JALA Held Online Talk Show on Rectangular and Circular Ponds

Kalyca Krisandini
Kalyca Krisandini
19 August 2022

JALA held an online talk show with the topic “Maximizing the Potential of Rectangular and Circular Ponds with JALA” on Friday, July 29, 2022. The speakers of this online talk show is Wendy Tri Prabowo, S.Pi., MSc., the Head of the Main Production Center for Superior Shrimp and Shellfish (Balai Produksi Induk Udang Unggul dan Kekerangan) Karangasem Bali, and Endra Arif Wicaksono, Customer Success Executive at JALA. In general, this online talk show discussed the advantages and disadvantages of rectangular and circular ponds as well as tips on optimizing their potential.

In the first session, Wendy Tri Prabowo had the opportunity to explain the advantages and disadvantages of circular ponds from various aspects, from construction to cultivation techniques in circular ponds. Based on Wendy’s explanation, circular ponds have advantages in the aspect of feed centralization. Circular ponds have no dead corners, so feed and organic matter are quickly centralized and evenly distributed to all sides of the pond.

Meanwhile, the advantages and disadvantages of the rectangular pond were explained by Endra Arif Wicaksono in the second session. According to Endra, rectangular ponds are better in terms of land use since they can be built next to each other. This will help increase cultivation productivity.

Rectangular and circular ponds are two types of ponds that are commonly used by shrimp farmers for cultivation. Even though they have different characteristics (advantages and disadvantages), both must still be feasible in various aspects so that the cultivation process can run optimally. The feasibility of the pond needs to be supported by other factors, such as the use of technology.

In accordance with JALA’s commitment to help farmers, JALA provides technological support to optimize the potential of rectangular and circular ponds. Therefore, at the end of the session, Endra also explained the role of the JALA App to help optimize the potential of each type of pond. The explanation was equipped with a live demo so the participants could get a clear picture of JALA App’s features.

JALA App facilitates cultivation in both rectangular and circular ponds. Farmers who use rectangular ponds can input the length and width of the pond. On the other hand, circular pond farmers can use diameter. Whether it’s a rectangular pond or a circular pond, JALA App will provide the same accurate cultivation predictions.

Besides, there are many features in JALA App which are developed to make it easier for farmers to manage and monitor their farm. Are you curious? Register yourself on JALA App now and enjoy its various features!

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