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Smart water quality monitoring device

Ready Stock!

Smart water quality monitoring device

Improving Shrimp Production Using Data-driven Farming

JALA offers one stop digital solution for farmer, leveraging their farming practices to ensure profitability and sustainability. We combine IoT water monitoring and data-analytics system to achieve precision farming.

Get Better Outcomes

with comprehensive farm management platform

Online - Farm Monitoring

JALA IoT water monitoring device allows farmer to get real-time data that is interconnected with the Apps, accessible anytime, anywhere.​

Shrimp Growth Analytics

JALA data-driven management platform give better prediction on the shrimps growth and best time to harvest.​

Decision Support System​

JALA bring insightful recommendation system, where farmer will know the right things to do to prevent loss and improve accountability.

Our Data-driven Solution

Our Real-time Monitoring

What Farmers Say About JALA


JALA is very important for the success of the shrimp farming. With JALA, we are able to know the necessary water quality parameters efficiently. I hope that JALA can be used by every shrimp farmer.

Roni Nursabdo

Shrimp farm technician in Purowejo

By using JALA device and its farm management software, all the activities from water quality monitoring, cultivation planning from pond preparation to harvest become easier. JALA could be the enabler for shrimp farmer to face the industry.

Dede Heryadi

Shrimp farm technician in Luwu

We as farmers really need JALA’s technology to know more about our pond’s quality, so that we can predict conditions that will affect the result of our shrimp cultivation.

Roy Bernard

Shrimp farm owner in Kendal

Trusted and used by thousands of shrimp farmers in Indonesia and Southeast Asia

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