Jala for iOS

We excited to release the Jala for iOS mobile app. You can record cultivation data and monitor your shrimp farm directly from your iPhone.

Jala product update: Jala for iOS and Main Dashboard in Batch

Hi folks,
This month finally we able to release the Jala mobile app for iOS. Also we updated our main dashboard to help you monitor your previous closed cycle.

Jala for iOS, manage shrimp farm from your iPhone

After long wait and lot of request for our existing users and customers, finally we released our Jala mobile app for iOS. You can record cultivation data and monitor their shrimp farm condition directly on your iPhone and iPad.

The Jala iOS version covers all the basic features and capabilities that are available on the Android app. From cultivation data record up to 40 parameters, shrimp growth monitoring, cultivation data visualization charts, to shrimp articles and shrimp price portals.

Offline features also available on iOS version, so you can record your data anywhere and anytime, even without internet connectivity.

What’s next?

We’re working hard to bring our web application features and experiences to our mobile apps, both on Android and iOS platform. We also have a plan to bring pro features to the mobile apps to make your farming experience complete. Keep follow to any of our updates. For now, please download our iOS app by clicking the button below.

Web App Dashboard in Batch

We updated our web application dashboard. Now you can see your previous batch of closed cycles on the Jala web application main dashboard.

Also we crafted our dashboard to show all of ponds on each batch into a pleasing table that helps you monitor and compare each pond easily. The ponds table consists of cultivation and water quality parameters to help you keep updated with the current condition of your all ponds. You can monitor up to 50 ponds on one table.

On this new dashboard we revived our recommendation feature that will show when water quality parameter is out of normal range that can help you identify any possibilities that could happen on your pond and what to do to recondition your water quality. 

At the bottom of dashboard you can see our other solutions and any information from link to our video tutorial on Youtube and link to the Jala’s users Telegram group, where you can discuss any topics from cultivation issues and tips to discuss about Jala app.

Login to your Jala account now on web application and enjoy the new experience of our dashboard. If you have any questions or feedbacks regarding our app, please contact us directly using the Intercom chat on the bottom right of this page or e-mail us at contact@jala.tech.

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