Mr. Sakti Wahyu Trenggono, Minister of Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of Indonesia using the Jala App to monitor the cultivation condition at Millenial Shrimp Farm in Situbondo, East Java, Indonesia. Source: @saktitrenggono

Jala product update: migrate your excel data to Jala with ease

Hi folks,
This month we’re excited to release new features and updates that will help you on managing and running the cultivation.

Export and import your cultivation records on excel file to Jala app

Having a lot of unorganized cultivation and farm record in your excel files? Move it to the Jala app.
Or do you want to process your data and records from Jala app? Download it easily from the Jala app.

Now you can migrate all of your data from excel files to the Jala vise versa easily with our new export and import feature on the Jala web app. Import your cultivation data from feed consumption, water quality, laboratory data, sampling, harvest, treatment products, to mortality records.

Data yang dapat diimport ke Jala mulai dari data pakan, kualitas air, data lab, sampling, panen, produk perlakukan atau treatment hingga data kematian udang di kolam.

Watch the video above to see the detail of the import and export feature.

Pricing change on Pro Cycle

The Pro Cycle of Jala App price changes! From 20 USD to 10 USD/pond/per cycle!!

Enjoy all the premium services that helps you manage the farm easier and more efficient at a lower price.

By upgrading your farm to PRO, you will get a lot of premium features in Jala Apps for your cultivation management. From farm financial management, record the water quality and cultivation data using spreadsheet format, generate cultivation and financial reports in a few clicks, manage your farm stocks, and get cultivation insight about your farm with data analytics.

Click the button below to see the complete price details.

New updates on Jala Mobile App (v0.9.6)

Update your Jala mobile app to the newest version (0.9.6). The new features including,

  • Shrimp mortality input and records.
  • New plankton record parameters: Golden Green Algae (GGA), Yellow-Green Algae (YGA), Haptophyta.
  • Morning (AM) – evening (PM) icon on the water quality record
  • Bugfixing and optimization: data sync from the server.
  • English language.

Click the button below to update your Jala mobile app,

Mobile App Video Tutorial Series

We’re also releasing a series of tutorial videos on how to start with our mobile app on our YouTube channel. For the first series, you can learn how to create an account, do the account verification, create a farm and pond.

Make sure you checking our YouTube channel for other videos and information on Jala products and programs.

Increase your DO, saving your electricity bills

Jala Dojeto, Listrik Hemat DO meningkat

Oxygen is the one important requirements for the organism living inside of your farm. We introduce our newest product “Dojeto and Dojeto Max” to help you maintain the dissolved oxygen inside your pond at a lower cost and more effective.

Please click the button below to contact the Jala team and pre-order Dojeto.

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Better shrimp farm management start here

Intersted in Baruno?

Interested in Jala Apps?