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Accelerator Program by JALA: Developing the New Generation in the Shrimp Industry

Kalyca Krisandini
Kalyca Krisandini
22 May 2023
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JALA supports the development of the new generation in the shrimp industry through the Accelerator Program by JALA. This program is held both online and offline for 2 months, starting in early April 2023 to the end of May 2023. Accelerator Program by JALA also aims to prepare final semester students and fresh graduates in the field of fisheries to kickstart their careers in the fisheries industry, especially shrimp farming.

Delivered in a lively way, Accelerator Program by JALA has successfully facilitated the participants to gain insight into cultivation and learning the soft skills required in the shrimp industry. The material delivered is tailored to the participants’ needs, both in the field and in the broader industrial context. The program covers the fundamentals of cultivation and biosecurity, improving communication skills with customers and farmers, marketing and sales strategies, as well as data collection management and analysis.

This program is divided into three stages, starting with online class, offline class, and finally field class in the end. Participants must go through several selection processes to be able to fully participate in the program. At the beginning of the program or the initial online class, there were 21 participants who joined. After finishing online classes, 15 participants were selected to continue to the offline class stage.

Offline Class.jpg The offline classes of Accelerator Program by JALA was held at ShrimpHub by JALA Purworejo on May 1-5, 2023. For five days, fifteen participants who came from various regions attended the program with great enthusiasm.

“I could develop what I have learned in university to be implemented in the farm,” said Andika Irma Dela, one of the participants. “I found the materials to be very interesting, especially about water quality, because it taught me how to properly manage water quality for the profit of cultivation.”

Field Class.jpg After attending the offline classes, the 15 participants were selected once again until only 11 remained to participate in the field class at farms around Purworejo. Participants are encouraged to put their newly acquired knowledge into practice with shrimp farmers during the field class.

Through Accelerator Program by JALA, JALA sincerely hopes that the knowledge acquired by the participants will be a valuable benefit to kick start their career in the shrimp industry. The participants are also anticipated to become a competent new generation that is capable of contributing to the advancement of the Indonesian shrimp industry.

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