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The 2024 Kick Off Meeting: More than an Annual Meeting

Kalyca Krisandini
Kalyca Krisandini
16 January 2024
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The beginning of the year is the right moment to reflect on achievements over the past year and plan targets for the upcoming one. This is what JALA did on January 10-11 2024 through the internal 2024 Kick Off Meeting at Loman Park Hotel Yogyakarta.

A total of 134 Warga JALA attended this Kick Off Meeting, where they listened about each division’s achievements in 2023 and targets for 2024. Additionally, a number of exciting series of events provided Warga JALA with the chance to unwind for a moment.

The 2024 Kick Off Meeting’s highlights

The 2024 Kick Off Meeting is an important occasion to present JALA's targets and plans for the upcoming year. The CEO of JALA, Liris Maduningtyas, in her presentation also encouraged all Warga JALA to be enthused about achieving the goals and strategies that have been set.

Under the major theme of “JALAn Bersama untuk Indonesia Makan Udang”, the 2024 Kick Off Meeting encouraged Warga JALA to focus on collaborative initiatives aimed at promoting shrimp consumption among the local community. The 2024 Kick Off Meeting was also enlivened by many exciting activities, such as live cooking of Frosala shrimp for dinner, games, door prize distribution, the announcement of JALA Awards winners, a stand-up comedy performance, and music performances.

“At previous outing events, only Warga JALA performed on stage. This year, we wanted Warga JALA to also be able to enjoy performances from external performers," said Kartika Sary (Employee Relations Executive of JALA).

As part of the 2024 Kick Off Meeting series of events, Warga JALA had a field trip to Indrayanti Beach and Heha Ocean View on the second day. This moment became an opportunity to unwind and take in a fresh atmosphere that we don’t often get to experience during working days. “With this year's field trip, we wanted to try fresh and different things to add to the experience of Warga JALA," said Kartika.

Warga JALA’s excitement for the 2024 Kick Off Meeting

For Warga JALA, the 2024 Kick Off Meeting was not only an annual meeting, but also a moment to gather as a big team. This is what Gilang Maulana (Operational Executive) felt. “What was more notable during this Kick Off was the meeting with all Warga JALA. We got to know each other and had great conversations. Plus, the first day was fantastic as we had Jikustik on stage,” said Gilang.

Kick-Off Meeting JALA 2024

Similar to Gilang, Zuni Miftakhurrohmah (Strategic Business Development) was also delighted to attend her first Kick Off Meeting at JALA. “Apart from being a fun event, the 2024 Kick Off Meeting was also exciting because I could meet Warga JALA who are not usually in the office,” said Zuni.

The 2024 Kick Off Meeting is a momentum to boost Warga JALA’s enthusiasm and motivation to achieve the established goals. "Hopefully, Warga JALA were able to learn about JALA's achievements from the previous year and the plans that will be implemented in 2024. In addition, the 2024 Kick Off Meeting was anticipated to serve as an employee bonding occasion,” Kartika remarked.

Join us as Warga JALA!

Kick-Off Meeting JALA 2024

Kick Off Meeting is JALA’s annual meeting that serves as a moment to reflect, set targets for the upcoming year, and foster stronger relationships amongst Warga JALA. Do you wish to be the next Warga JALA? Go to JALA career page and find the right position for you!

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