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From ‘Art for Therapy’ to Online Counseling: JALA’s Concern for Mental Health

Kalyca Krisandini
Kalyca Krisandini
27 July 2023
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Mental health among employees has become a concerning issue. In the middle of their workloads, employees are often at risk of mental health issues. Stress, personal issues, and imbalance in work and personal life have become challenges that need to be resolved.

According to data from Mercer Marsh Benefits, 37% of Indonesian employees have mental health issues. It will have a detrimental effect on work performance and productivity if it is not addressed early and treated. The World Health Organization (WHO) states that mental illnesses and other mental health conditions can have an impact on absence, confidence, capacity to work productively, and the ease of retaining work.

Companies have a significant role to raise mental health awareness and foster a positive work environment for their employees. A research conducted by Hamberg-van Reenen et al. from the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, The Netherlands found that workplaces that can promote mental health awareness and provide support to their employees have the potential to lower absence rates and boost work productivity.

JALA’s concern for Warga JALA’s mental health

JALA is committed to support the mental health of its employees (Warga JALA or Citizen of JALA in English). “Mental health awareness, including understanding its conditions and how to take care of it, can enhance productivity, work performance, and a pleasant work environment. Thus, we are enthusiastic to manifest it through various programs,” said Fathan, JALA’s People Engagement and Development Jr. Manager.

Based on that needs, JALA has conducted various programs for Warga JALA. The HR team of JALA also conducted a mental health survey to know the mental health condition of Warga JALA and the hardships they encountered.

JALA's programs related to mental health include:

  • Art for Therapy – Drawing together with the aim of releasing stress.
  • Show Your Support – Warga JALA can write anonymous messages to share their feelings. Other Warga JALA can offer advice or encouraging words.
  • Show Your Coping Stress – Inviting Warga JALA to share how they cope with stress or deal with hardships.
  • Book Discussion ‘I Want to Die but I Want to Eat Tteokpokki’ – A book discussion on the topic of mental health and an FGD presented in a fun way.
  • JALA Talks – Inviting professional psychologists to provide fresh and relevant insights on self-development and mental health.
  • Online counseling service – Free online counseling with professional psychologists. These programs are presented in an educative, supportive, and exciting way so that Warga JALA are interested in participating and can gain the benefits.

JALA Talks for Mental Health.jpg “Online counseling helps me find out what problems are bothering me. It also motivates me and becomes a way to improve myself as a human being,” said Thoriq, one of Warga JALA. In line with Thoriq, Putri, another Warga JALA as well as the book reviewer in the Book Discussion also responded enthusiastically to JALA’s programs.

“All of the mental health programs by JALA are very interesting and helpful! I am comfortable to share experiences and insights on various topics relevant to the needs of our workplace,” said Putri.

JALA continues to support its employees by creating a pleasant work environment. Through the aforementioned programs, it is expected that Warga JALA will become more aware of the importance of mental health, love themselves more, and avoid stress or burnout.

JALA Show Coping Stress.jpg In addition, Warga JALA are encouraged to share their feelings to release stress. The reason is, nowadays many people still feel worried of being labeled with a negative stigma just because they share their issues. In fact, acknowledging weakness and seeking help is a form of courage as a human being.

Join us as Warga JALA

Mental health support is one of the benefits you can get as a Warga JALA. In addition, there are a lot more benefits of being a Warga JALA, such as skill improvement, regular sport activity, regular medical check-ups, and various other exciting programs.

Interested in becoming Warga JALA? Visit the JALA Career page to check the most recent openings!


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