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Expressing Gratitude and Unwinding at Appreciation Week

Kalyca Krisandini
Kalyca Krisandini
15 December 2023
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Everyone who works definitely wants to be appreciated, either for their efforts or professional attitude at work. Research from Gallup and Workhuman revealed that employees feel 30% more likely to stay at a company for the next 5 years if the company provides welfare and professional growth programs for its employees.

In light of the significance of appreciation and recognition in the workplace, JALA held an Appreciation Week program for their employees, Warga JALA. This series of programs consisted of 5 events and was held from early to mid-December 2023.

The lively atmosphere of Appreciation Week

As the name suggests, Appreciation Week is an internal program which aims to appreciate the efforts that Warga JALA have done. "In Appreciation Week, Warga JALA can appreciate and value themselves, their colleagues, and their efforts. Even the slightest appreciation matters," said Kartika Sary (Employee Relations Executive).

In one of the Appreciation Week events named Show Your Appreciation, Warga JALA could write anonymous messages of gratitude to their colleagues through Google Form. On Appreciation Day, four representatives of Warga JALA who had worked for more than 2 years shared their experiences and motivations for continuing to trust in JALA until now.

Besides running among staff, the appreciation extends until C-level executives. One of JALA's founders, Andi Nusa Patria, also expressed his gratitude to all Warga JALA who have contributed to JALA's growth this far.

In addition to recognizing Warga JALA’s dedication, Appreciation Week also provides them an opportunity to unwind after working all year. During the events, a lot of Warga JALA came to the office and were excited to participate, as seen in Games Day and Pizza Day which were presented in an engaging way.

At Games Day, which was held offline, Warga JALA were given the opportunity to try various exciting games, such as Playstation 5, Dart Game, Just Dance, Rattan Throwing, and many more. Those who win the game were eligible for prizes.

JALA also held an annual Medical Check Up (MCU) as part of the Appreciation Week program. MCU is JALA’s appreciative way to facilitate and support their employees’ health.

Warga JALA’s enthusiasm for Appreciation Week

Warga JALA responded to Appreciation Week warmly and enthusiastically, as seen from their participation during the series of events. This is as stated by Dika Mahendra (Software Engineer).


Appreciation Week also gave Dian Rusadi (Internal Harvest Manager) the opportunity to get to know Warga JALA better, which made her pleased.


Through Appreciation Week, Warga JALA are expected to feel appreciated and be more motivated to work. “Seeing Warga JALA’s enthusiasm, we hope that the entire events of Appreciation Week this year will be beneficial to them,” Kartika said.

Join us as Warga JALA

Appreciation Week is just one of the numerous benefits that Warga JALA get. Apart from that, JALA also holds a series of mental health programs, regular exercise time, opportunities to improve skills through training and books, ShrimpHack, and many more.

If you are interested in joining us as Warga JALA, check out the latest job openings on JALA careers page!

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