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Download Your Farm Financial Report and More! Explore JALA App’s Finance Feature

26 October 2022

JALA has updated our finance feature on JALA App, which you can access at To use this feature, make sure you have an active pond and cycle, and you are using the Pro account on JALA App.

Here are the updates from JALA’s finance feature which you can enjoy:

Record income and expenses in 1 app

Shrimp farmers often do not feel the significance of their profit after the end of every shrimp cultivation cycle. This is not always caused by poor harvest, but may also be caused by lousy recording. JALA’s finance feature helps farmers to:

  1. Create financial records
  2. Input income and expense transactions separately
  3. Expenses can be categorized as:
  • Operations
  • Inventory
  • Stock
  1. Income can be categorized as:
  • Harvest
  • Other income
  • Inventory sales
  1. Record multiple transactions in the same invoice by clicking the + Transaction button
  2. Record debts and receivables so you never miss a payment

Get shrimp farm cultivation financial report with accounting standards

Even if you’re not that familiar with accounting, don’t worry! JALA provides financial reporting with accounting standards.

  1. Accessible through the Report tab in JALA Dashboard
  2. View Balance, Cash Flow, and Profit-and-Loss reports
  3. Filter based on month or year
  4. Easily download or print from the JALA app

These reports will greatly help farmers complete the required documents if they want to appeal for partnerships.

Make cultivation decisions based on the financial reports

With a thorough and detailed financial report, farmers no longer have to take a shot in the dark when it comes to cultivation decisions. Simply refer to the actual data from JALA App’s report to determine the best step for your farm.

  1. Accessible through the Summary tab in JALA Dashboard
  2. Identify categories with the highest expense and income
  3. View remaining balance, debts summary, total income and total expenses

JALA’s finance feature is also synchronized with the cultivation feature, allowing you to get actual financial reports based on current cultivation conditions in your shrimp farm. With the vast benefits of this feature, make sure you have upgraded to JALA App Pro and have an active pond to start using it. Manage your finances more easily and securely with JALA!

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