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Shrimp Farming is Made Easier with the Latest Update in JALA App

Kalyca Krisandini
Kalyca Krisandini
25 March 2023

There are a number of technical activities that must be managed and handled by shrimp farm technicians. Pond conditions must also be periodically analyzed so that farmers can use them as evaluation materials. Up-to-date analysis will support farmers in determining the best measure and decisions for their cultivation. Analytical supporting tools will be highly beneficial for farmers and technicians.

To accommodate these needs, JALA has updated a number of features and functions in JALA App. The aim of this update is to assist farm technicians with their everyday tasks. In addition, all stakeholders, farm owners, technicians, and administrators are also expected to find more advantages from JALA App through this update.

This latest update of JALA App supports several cultivation aspects. These aspects include ORP recording, charts of plankton composition and microbiology, charts of Vibrio ratios, the monitoring of shrimp mortality in Analysis Chart Feature, and broodstock recording.

ORP recording

ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) is the measurement result of the tendency or strength of an oxidizing or reducing agent (unit: mV). In shrimp farming, ORP is a significant parameter to measure the relative degrees of oxidation and reduction reactions in aquaculture ponds. The ORP value can be a parameter that describes the adequacy of oxygen, aeration performance, and microorganisms population.

ORP - EN.png ORP is a significant parameter in shrimp farming which is often used by technicians to make decisions. JALA App has previously accommodated ORP recording. Realizing the importance of ORP in the latest update, users or technicians can record and monitor ORP more conveniently in JALA App. Furthermore, ORP monitoring can be performed easily through accessible visual charts.

Plankton and microbiology composition charts

Plankton, despite being tiny, is one of the determining factors for pond water quality. Being the primary producer in the pond, plankton also serves as shrimp’s natural food source. Plankton still has indirect relation with water quality parameters such as the brightness level, temperature, DO, pH, N/P ratio, and organic waste. Plankton population can affect pond water quality,

Komposisi plankton - EN.png

Plankton composition diagram

Komposisi vibrio - EN.png

Vibrio composition diagram

In this update, JALA App users can monitor information on the composition of colony parameters, such as plankton, conveniently, comprehensively, and in detail in the Excel Input Feature. The information is presented in charts based on the type of plankton. In the latest update as well, users can compare and measure the composition more easily. Users or technicians can also monitor any changes in the dominance of certain plankton and microbiology to prepare if any issues occur.

Vibrio ratio charts

Besides plankton, bacteria also determine the viability of cultivation. The type of bacteria that farmers should watch out for is the harmful (pathogenic) Vibrio. This bacteria causes several shrimp diseases such as AHPND, WFD, and Vibriosis. A monitoring process is essential to reduce the risk caused by Vibrio.

Rasio Vibrio - EN.png Management and monitoring of Vibrio concentration in farms need to be performed carefully. In response to this need, information regarding the Vibrio ratio has been presented in detailed charts on JALA App. Users can view and compare ratios of various kinds of Vibrio more conveniently. This will assist farmers to mitigate when the Vibrio colony has exceeded the limit.

Optimization of Analysis Chart Feature: performance improvement and parameter addition

The Analysis Chart Feature allows users to analyze all cultivation parameters in comprehensive charts. Users can access in-depth analysis of the relations between parameters, ponds, and cycles in this feature. With Analysis Chart Feature, cultivation performance evaluation is made easier.

With the latest update, the performance of Analysis Chart Feature is now more reliable and faster. Users do not have to wait long to view and compare data from many parameters, ponds, or cycles at once. In addition, there are additional new parameters that can be identified through the Analysis Chart menu in JALA App. The new parameters include the monitoring of shrimp mortality and Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR).

Kematian - EN 1.png It is important to monitor shrimp mortality rate since it is one of the determining factors in pond production. Farmers who routinely monitor the mortality rate of shrimp will obtain clear information regarding their shrimp condition from time to time. Technicians and farm owners usually utilize FCR and mortality parameters to assess the effectiveness of cultivation and the relation between parameters and mortality.

FCR- EN 1.png In this update of JALA App, FCR and mortality parameters have been added in Analysis Chart Feature. Users can now be able to analyze FCR and mortality parameters more conveniently in charts.

Broodstock recording

It is important to record shrimp broodstock. The performance of broodstock related to growth, disease resistance, and adaptive qualities can be proven through the track record of cultivation in farms. Broodstock and hatchery recordings are equally important. It is important to conduct hatchery recording so that the track record of the fry quality when cultivated is well-documented. This will enable farmers to determine the right hatcheries for their farms.

Catat broodstock - EN.png In this update, JALA App users can now input broodstock information when starting a cycle. This function makes it easier for users to record the shrimp broodstock source used in cultivation.

The update on various features and functions in JALA App allows users to cultivate in an easier way. To enjoy the advantages of this update, sign up for JALA App in or download the mobile version in App Store or Google Play Store. It’s free! Don’t forget to upgrade your account to PRO Cycle to access the Excel Input and Analysis Chart Features.

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